Testimonials for Yangchuan (and Xuan)

It was Yangchuan’s choice to attend Confederation College, as he was interested in the Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technician program because of his previous background in Aerospace Avionics.

Xuan, his wife, decided to join him and take Dental Assisting, as it was a practical choice and would be easy to find a job after graduation. Both are very satisfied with their experience so far. They both appreciate the service for international students- including help with visa extensions, activities (haunted fort night), language sessions and workshops. Yangchuan has even arranged to become a peer mentor next semester.

While Yangchuan is still completing his program, Xuan has achieved her educational goals. She was on the honour roll, and even received an award from the Thunder Bay Dental Association.  Yangchuan and Xuan have already recommended Confederation College to a friend!

They told their friend that Thunder Bay is less expensive than bigger cities, with no traffic programs. “We are here and we feel good!”

Thunder Bay is very small and peaceful, it is a smaller city life!  Get involved- it’s quite important! Being in a smaller city really helped Yangchuan and Xuan to improve their English. There were fewer opportunities to speak Mandarin, which was good. Yangchuan and Xuan also often volunteer at city-run activities to give back to the community.

Yangchuan (and Xuan)

Graduation Year:
Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technician