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Service Description

Confederation College uses a pay for print system for all student (academic) printing.  In this system, students are charged for all printing they do on a cost per copy basis. 

The purpose of the pay for print concept is to ensure that printing costs are controlled in equitable and fiscally responsible manner for all College students.

The College uses a software application known as PaperCut ™ to run the print accounting system.  PaperCut ™ is installed on the College’s student network print servers and automatically inspects, logs, and costs all print jobs sent to any student network printer.  Costs for printing are automatically charged back to the students College network account in real time.  All College students are given an initial print credit of $36 dollars per year to be used for their printing.  When a student’s print credit reaches $0 dollars, the student must pay out of their own pocket to increase their print credit so that they may continue to use the College computer lab printers.  Students can increase their print credit in whatever amount they wish – however, all print credits once paid for are non-refundable.   Students can purchase print credits by 1) paying online through Banner Self-Serve application (under ‘Parking and Printing’ tab), 2) visiting the College Printshop (Rm. B112 of Shuniah building), or 3) visiting the Library 2nd floor circulation desk.

Costs for student printing are currently set as follows:

Black & white single-sided: $0.05 / page

Black & white double-sided: $0.04 / page

Colour (single or double-sided): $0.40 / page


Who Can Use This Service

The pay for print system is installed in all general computer labs in the Thunder Bay campus.  Some academic programs however have their own computer labs and do not use the pay for print system. 

Access and Availability

See above.


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