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About the Ombud's Office

Are college issues getting you down?

Has a misunderstanding gotten out of control?
Do you want to correct a situation but don’t know where to start?

Ask for help when you need it. It is not a sign of weakness. It is reaching for the right tool for the job.

At college, it’s important to know the services that can help you, whether it’s from faculty, counsellors, student life coaches, tutors, the library, the help desk, the information hub etc. …or the ombuds office. We’re all here to help you!  

Conflict and the tumultuous feelings that go along with it, are a part of life. If you are feeling afraid, hurt, angry, powerless or hopeless, it makes it very difficult to concentrate or study.

The ombuds office provides self-identified students with guidance and support through the conflict resolution process. The office can help with a variety of concerns including academic ones e.g. grading, appeals, plagiarism etc. as well as non-academic concerns e.g. financial aid, fees, registration, safety etc.

The ombudsperson does not take sides nor advocate on behalf of a student but focuses on both fair and reasonable treatment. More than this, the ombuds will listen carefully to your concerns and can provide you with impartial feedback.  

The ombuds office can: direct you to the right person; provide guidance / coaching on how to solve the problem; help you formulate a constructive approach to finding a resolution; and facilitate the process.

Most days you can be seen by the ombudsperson when you drop by. If the office is booked, you can make an appointment within a day or two.

Our discussions are 100% confidential. (Concerns are not discussed via email as it is not a confidential form of communication.)

Contact the ombuds office to obtain advice on the best way to find a solution:

Kim Morgan, ombuds
Shuniah, Room A212
Phone: 475-6209
Toll free: 800 465-5493

Office hours:
Monday to Wednesday 10:30 am to 4 pm
Thursday 10:30 am to 12 pm noon