The ombuds office at Confederation College provides self-identified students with guidance and support through the conflict resolution process. The office can help with a variety of concerns including academic ones e.g. grading, appeals, plagiarism etc. as well as non-academic concerns e.g. financial aid, fees, registration, safety etc.

The ombudsperson is responsible for listening to your concerns and providing impartial feedback, directing you to the right person; providing guidance / coaching on how to solve your problem; helping you formulate a constructive approach to finding a resolution and facilitating the process.

Hi! I am Kim Morgan, the Ombudsperson at Confederation College.

Ombuds Office Survey for Students

Please provide your FEEDBACK about the service you received from the Ombuds Office via our confidential survey … To complete the survey anonymously, please be ensure that you are NOT logged into the website.

Mission Statement

The Ombuds Office contributes to student success by ensuring that students receive fair and equitable treatment within the College. The Ombudsperson, acting as an independent and impartial party, can help the College uphold its ideals with respect to values, attitudes and practices.


The Office of the Ombudsperson opened its doors on Monday, January 7, 2008. This new service for students is provided by Kim Morgan. Kim came to the College from the Alzheimer Society as their Executive Director for the past 10 years. She has worked in nursing and health care administration in a variety of capacities from Thunder Bay to the east coast. Kim has her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Master of Education degrees from Lakehead University and both Basic and Advanced Certificates in Alternative Dispute Resolution from the University of Windsor; and the Osgoode / FCO Certificate Essentials for Ombuds. Working from the Ombuds Office, Kim provides a free, friendly and confidential service to students (current, former and prospective) by helping them solve their problems, concerns and complaints in an appropriate, timely and fair manner.

Ombuds Current Documents: