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T4's Slips Are Now Available via Banner

March 12, 2019
Community News
Campus: All campuses

T4’s are now available for printing!

Please be advised that T4’s for 2018 are now available on Banner SSB to print. 

The payroll department will no longer be mailing out paper copies of T4’s. 

To print your T4:

  • Sign into Banner SSB
  • Select Employee
  • Select Tax Forms
  • Select Slips for Income Tax Return
  • Select T4 Statement of Remuneration Paid
  • Click Printable Version
  • Click the Print button

Employees will have more than one T4 if they:

  • went from part-time to full-time
  • are considered to be members of more than one employee group (Support, Faculty, Admin)
  • moved from one employee group to another


If you require any assistance please call the Help Desk at 475-6488.