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Pre-Service Firefighter Students Save the Day

February 4, 2019
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Student Save Day

Three Confederation College pre-service firefighter students, Taya Stamler, Riley Tucker and Devon Wanakamik, were on their way to school when they saw a garage on fire. It was early morning and  the students were worried the occupants of the home were asleep and unaware of the fire in the attached garage. They pounded on the door and quickly led the three people inside the home to safety until fire teams arrived.

At Confederation College’s Pre-Service, Firefighter Education and Training program, my specialized instructors take pride in and are invested in how we teach this program. Combined with many years of firefighting experience, we teach and train with the expertise needed in firefighting disciplines.

In our program, we stress many disciplines such as being observant on how to read smoke, staying calm and focused on the situation at hand, and especially working as a team. These disciplines are taught and have to be completed to prepare them to become career Firefighters. 

I am so proud of these three students, Devon, Taya and Riley, for executing all of those disciplines and more. Because of the in-class and practical training by amazing instructors whose passion for this job enables them to teach the course in such a way that their experience and expertise prepare the students to take action. The actions of these three students resulted in saving three lives on Friday.

While it may be true that as Professional Firefighters these actions are expected of us, these three are still students. Their bravery and quick thinking was above and beyond that expectation. In addition to these disciplines, comes a genuine desire to want to help. I am so very proud of these three students, because they have already demonstrated that quality, beyond a doubt.

Shane Ferguson, Manager, Pre-Service Firefighter program

See the front page news story as written by Sandi Krasowski of the Chronicle Journal.

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