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Michelle Halstead Tourism and Travel Student wins Award from Baxter Media Student Ambassador Program

May 22, 2018
Community News
Campus: Thunder Bay

Tourism, Travel and Eco-Adventure program would like to congratulate Michelle Halstead on winning a $500 bursary from the Baxter Media Student Ambassador Program.  Our program has been participating in the Baxter program for 3 years and appreciates the opportunity and experience that our students have gained throughout this project.

Michelle created a winning webinar featuring Elmhirst Resort in Rice Lake, Ontario.  Michelle explained how the resort focuses on sustainability and is a must-see attraction for people in Ontario, our neighbours to the south, the United States and people from around the world.  Michelle attended a luncheon at the Chelsea Hotel on May 4, 2018, and was happy to receive her $500 award as well as an opportunity to network and mingle with influential tourism individuals from key industries related to her field of studies. Michelle also received a private tour of the Chelsea Hotel, which is one of Canada’s leading sustainable hotels.  Michelle is currently featured in the most recent Travel Courier Magazine. Michelle will be graduating from the program in June and we wish her the best on her journey. 

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