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Programs (Indigenous)

Aboriginal/Canadian dialogue is being integrated throughout our entire curriculum, which is unique to Confederation College. We see this as important in our understanding and appreciation of our different backgrounds and perspectives and ultimately our ability to work side-by-side to achieve great things together.

Looking for a way in to college? Or are you interesting in Aboriginal wellness or community development? At Confederation College, you can enroll in programs to improve your standing in health, science, and communications. There are also programs that focus on supporting Aboriginal children, families, and communities; some programs available at our regional campuses.

Diploma Programs

Certificate Programs

Preparatory Studies/Access Programs

If you do not currently meet the minimum academic requirements to be accepted into the postsecondary program of your choice, then the following programs could enable you to meet those entrance requirements:

Academic Upgrading

Other Related Information

If you would like to talk to someone about your future, please contact Negahneewin Indigenous Student Services.