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OASA Profile - Vignesh Viswanathan

Position Name: SUCCI Representative
Program Name: Leadership For Health Care Professionals
E-mail Address:


Hi I am Vignesh Viswanathan, a final year student of the Leadership for Healthcare Professional program. I came to Confederation College in September 2016 as a mature student with ample workplace and volunteer experience. I graduated from dental assisting program in the year 2017. Currently i am pursuing my second course. These 2 years in Thunder Bay has been fortunate and my social engagement on campus continued by becoming an action network student, which had brought me closer to the students and creating a bond with them. This bond with students made me apply for the student union vice president position and be successful in the same, so I can be a voice for the students on their concerns and issues. I represent on behalf of the students at College Student Alliance (CSA), a nonprofit organization that advocates the student concerns at the provincial level. I am a SUCCI representative at the OASA board of directors.

What does OASA mean to you?

OASA is an Aboriginal-based student association that is committed to relationships with Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students throughout Confederation College. The reason I wanted to become a OASA board member is to represent SUCCI and at the same time work closely with their members and advocate for the wellness of students in the campus.