Please join us throughout the month of November to celebrate and learn about the culture and traditions of northern Ontario’s Indigenous Peoples.

Indigenous Awareness Month Events & Activities

  1. November 1 - Launch of the “Path to Reconciliation” - 10am (Academic Hallway, 2nd Floor, Shuniah Building)
  2. November 2 - Trick of Treaty 12:30 - 1:30 (Lecture Theater, Shuniah Building)                Smudge and Sharing Circle - 1pm - 2pm (APIWIN)
  3. November 3 - Beading with Elder Ella Gagnon - 10am - 2pm (APIWIN)
  4. November 7 - Beaded Lanyards - 1pm - 3pm (APIWIN)
  5. Men’s Teaching - 11am - 12pm (APIWIN)
  6. November 9 - Indigenous Learning Outcomes Professional Development, Case Study:  Battle of Batoche 12:30pm - 1:30pm (Shuniah room 226, Library Instruction Room)                    Smudge and Sharing Circle - 1pm - 2pm (APIWIN)
  7. November 10 - Beading with Walking With Our Sisters - 11am - 1pm (Shuniah, Student Commons)                                                                                                                                         Beading with Elder Ella Gagnon - 10am - 2pm (APIWIN)
  8. November 14 - Women’s Teachings - 11am - noon (APIWIN)                                                  Beaded Lanyard - 1pm - 3pm (APIWIN)
  9. November 15 - Louis Riel Day Celebrations - 11am - 2pm (REACH Atrium, raising of the flag outside Shuniah main doors)
  10. November 16 - Smudge and Sharing Circle - 1pm - 2pm (APIWIN)
  11. November 17 - Beading with Ella Gagnon - 10am - 2pm (APIWIN)
  12. November 18 - Pow Wow - 1pm - 4pm (Shuniah Student Commons)
  13. November 21 and 28 - Drum Making - 3:30pm - 6:30pm (Shuniah room 234, Requires Registration, please connect with APIWIN staff)                                                                          Beaded Lanyard - 1pm - 3pm (APIWIN)
  14. November 23 - Indigenous Learning Outcomes Professional Development - Residential Schools 12:30pm - 1:30pm (Shuniah room 226, Library Instruction Room)                  Smudge and Sharing Circle - 1pm - 2pm (APIWIN)
  15. November 24 - Indigenous Learning Outcomes Book Club - “Half Breed” by Maria Campbell (Shuniah room 226, Library Instruction Room, Requires Registration)                 Beading with Ella Gagnon - 10am - 2pm (APIWIN)
  16. November 28 - Beaded Lanyard - 1pm - 3pm (APIWIN)

For more information regarding any of these events, please check in with the Indigenous Student Navigators located in APIWIN on the first floor of the Shuniah building at Confederation College. 

The library will also be hosting a variety of displays throughout the month:

November 1 to 7 - Treaties

November 8 to 15 - Louis Riel and the Métis People

November 16 to 25 - Residential Schools

November 28 to December 2 - Truth and Reconciliation

November 30 - Guest Speaker Drew Hayden Taylor who will speak about ”Reconciliation” 12:30pm  (Shuniah Student Commons)

Drew Hayden Taylor will speak in the Student Commons on the topic of Reconciliation on November 30 from 12:30pm to 1:30pm.  He will act as our “closing keynote” for the month.  This event is open to everyone – even the public, and his talk ties into another initiative – The Path to Reconciliation.

The Art of Reconciliation:  The Indigenous buzzword of the last decade has been “reconciliation”.  What does it mean for the average First Nations person and for the average Canadian?  I nor any of my immediate relations were ever in a Residential School, but we all still deal with the ramifications.  Think of Native people as rocks that were tossed into the deep and dangerous pond known as the Residential school system.  Not everybody was thrown in but we all got wet to some degree.  Personally, politically, culturally and artistically, we are dealing with reconciling.  It took a hundred years to do the damage, some believe it might take another hundred to heal.  I believe in healing through art, and I will explore what today’s artists are doing about Reconciliation, coming to grips with its many forms and faces.

**  For more information on any of the events throughout Indigenous Awareness Week, please contact Indigenous Student Navigator, Alicia Brink at 475-6602 or Manager of Student Life and Indigenous Initiatives, Bryanna Scott at 475–6640.


photo - Elder with dress she made
photo closeup of beading
photo Elder doing handiwork
photo - student learning beading
photo - male Indigenous student
photo - completed beading project
photo - Elder with their handiwork
photo - playing chess in APIWIN
photo - Indigenous singers
Wall of Reconciliation
Wall of Reconciliation
Wall of Reconciliation
Wall of Reconciliation
path to reconciliation
path to reconciliation
path to reconciliation
path to reconciliation