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About our Campus & Community (Marathon)

 Marathon animated graphicOur Northshore Campus, the 2nd stop in the eastern leg of my journey is located in the Marathon District High School, in the town of Marathon.

Marathon is located on the shores of Lake Superior. This area through to Rossport, I think boasts some of the most spectacular scenery I’ve seen in Northwestern Ontario.

This article is part of a series entitled “Know Your Regional Campuses” (KYRC) - Northshore Campus … an opportunity to become more familiar with our Regional Campuses, some of the people who work there and the unique communities they reside in, along with a little history of the area.

Area History/Economic Drivers

The town slogan “Built on Paper … Laced with Gold” speaks to the town’s early roots in the pulp and paper industry(“Marathon Pulp” mill, now dormant) and gold mining and refining now being its dominant industry today, in the nearby area of Hemlo. The current record high price of gold, appears to be reflected in the overall economy of the community. The town’s population is relatively young, with 72% being under 45 years-of-age.

between Rossport & Marathon photo
A unique view of Lake Superior between Rossport & Marathon where the road appears to disappear into the water.

view towards Lake Superior photo
Old town Marathon area looking towards Lake Superior


Norhshore Campus entrance - Marathon photo
Northshore Campus entrance - side of the high school.

Marathon High School photo
Marathon High School signs


School College Work Initiative (SCWI)

There appears to be a good synergy between the high school and the college. Of particular note, was a well-equipped multipurpose/carpentry shop that is shared between the high school and the college. This shop is used for a significant amount of campus activity around the School College Work Initiative (SCWI) which brings together college and high school staff to offer dual-credit courses for high school students that help to facilitate their transition towards postsecondary education.

The campus also offers a range of programming in postsecondary and non-postsecondary areas, as indicated on the Northshore Campus website …

Multipurpose shop - Northshore Campus

Well-equipped multipurpose/ carpentry shop

vertical saw for cutting sheet material

Vertical saw for cutting sheet material


Gold Mining

I had the opportunity to go down into one of the Barrick Hemlo gold mines to photograph two Confederation students who are enrolled in the Basic Underground Hard Miner Common Core More about this unique experience in a future article.

Carpentry Exam Preparatory Course

I photographed a classroom of Aboriginal (mature) students in the Certificate of Qualification (CofQ) of Carpentry Exam Preparatory Course. I was particularly impressed by the practicality and depth of what they were being taught, by professors Ian Pesheau and Amy Michano.

construction trades course photo
Student Leo figuring out the square footage of a roof, utilizing some cross-multiplication principles, with the assistance of Math Tudor Amy Michano in the CofQ of Carpentry Exam Preparatory Course.

construction trades course photo
Professor Ian Pesheau of the Carpentry Exam Preparatory Course.

I admire the initiative and determination of older students (particularly Aboriginal students) who return to school to learn many new things, including how to use computers. I encouraged this class to hang in there and I wished them well in their studies and future pursuits.

We really can (and do) “Change Lives Through Learning!”


Northshore Campus Staff

Anne Renaud is the Campus Director (who is also the Campus Director for the Greenstone Campus (Geraldton) and the Wawa Campus).

 Pauline (Pinky) McRae is the Contact North - Site Coordinator


Marathon Scenery

Pebble Beach photo

Pebble Beach in Marathon - a unique area where the driftwood and rocks of Lake Superior are washed up on shore.

Sunset on the outskirts of Marathon

A spectacular sunset on the outskirts of Marathon. The area is definitely an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise.