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Forestry - Program Resource Guide

The following are intended to provide a brief introduction to library/web resources for the program areas of FORESTRY. For additional materials and assistance, please consult staff.

Books and Directories

At the cutting edge: the crisis in Canada’s Forests. 2005
Canada’s forests: a history. 2003
Community forestry guidebook: tools and techniques. 2004
Complex forest: communities… 2005
Direct seeding black spruce and jack pine. 2004
Forest ecology: a foundation for sustainable forest… 2004
Green spirit: trees are the answer. 2000
Natural resource conservation… 2005
Ontario tree marking guide. 2004
Optimizing the results of HPRS: best practices… 2006

For additional titles, please check the Library Catalogue.

Audio Visual Materials

Battle for the trees. 1993 (video)
Fire wars. 2002 (video)
Organic chemistry. 1997 (3 videos)
Save Clayoquot Sound. 1993 (video)

For additional titles, please check the Library Catalogue.

Periodicals (Magazines, Journals, Serials)

Following are recommended print titles for the program areas of FORESTRY:

Canadian Geographic
Forestry Chronicle
National Geographic
Nature Canada
Northern Miner
Northern Ontario Business
Ontario Technologist
Science News
Scientific American

For a complete listing of all periodicals in the Library, please check the Library Catalogue. For online periodicals please check A to Z link on the Library Home Page.


Electronic databases provide access to current articles. Use when looking for a short article or current information on the topic. Choose any of the following databases:

Academic Search Premier (EBSCOhost)
Access Science (McGraw-Hill)
CBCA Reference (ProQuest)
ProQuest Science Journals (ProQuest)
Wilson Applied Science & Technology Abstracts (WilsonWeb)

Internet Resources

The following website addresses were available at time of printing. Please note that these sites may change without notice. (Lakehead University)
Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
Canada Wood Council
Canada’s Forests (annual report)
Canadian Boreal Initiative
Canadian Forest Service (Natural Resources Canada)
Canadian Forests
Canadian Institute of Forestry
Canadian Sustainable Forestry Certification Coalition
Forest Pests
National Aboriginal Forestry Association Northern Ontario Sustainable Communities Partnership Ontario Forests (Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario) Ontario Wildflowers