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Forestry - Program Resource Guide (Library)

The following are intended to provide a brief introduction to library/web resources for the program areas of FORESTRY. For additional materials and assistance, please consult staff.

Books and Directories

  • At the cutting edge: the crisis in Canada’s Forests. 2005
  • Canada’s forests: a history. 2003
  • Community forestry guidebook: tools and techniques. 2004
  • Complex forest: communities… 2005
  • Direct seeding black spruce and jack pine. 2004
  • Forest ecology: a foundation for sustainable forest… 2004
  • Green spirit: trees are the answer. 2000
  • Natural resource conservation… 2005
  • Ontario tree marking guide. 2004
  • Optimizing the results of HPRS: best practices… 2006

For additional titles, please check the Library Catalogue.

Audio Visual Materials

  • Battle for the trees. 1993 (video)
  • Fire wars. 2002 (video)
  • Organic chemistry. 1997 (3 videos)
  • Save Clayoquot Sound. 1993 (video)

For additional titles, please check the Library Catalogue.

Periodicals (Magazines, Journals, Serials)

Following are recommended print titles for the program areas of FORESTRY:

  • Canadian Geographic
  • Discover
  • Forestry Chronicle
  • National Geographic
  • Nature Canada
  • Northern Miner
  • Northern Ontario Business
  • Ontario Technologist
  • Science News
  • Scientific American

For a complete listing of all periodicals in the Library, please check the Library Catalogue. For online periodicals please check A to Z link on the Library Home Page.


Electronic databases provide access to current articles. Use when looking for a short article or current information on the topic. Choose any of the following databases:

Internet Resources

The following website addresses were available at time of printing. Please note that these sites may change without notice.