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About our Campus & Community

Our Lake of the Woods Campus, the second stop in our western campus journey is located in our own building, in the city of Kenora, a five hour drive west of Thunder Bay. Tourism and “life-on-the-lake” is a huge economic driver in this community. The Lake of the Woods area has similarities with the Muskoka Lakes region in southern Ontario (3 hrs north of Toronto), with its majestic white pine trees, vast expanses of water, irregular shorelines and numerous islands, dotted with cottages/camps. Brenda Chambers-Ivey was my tour guide.

This article is part of a series entitled “Know Your Regional Campuses” (KYRC) - Lake of the Woods Campus … an opportunity to become more familiar with our Regional Campuses, some of the people who work there, and the unique communities in which they reside, along with a little history of the area.

Campus History

Lake of the Woods campus building

Lake of the Woods campus building photo

The current campus building officially opened in 1991.

Campus Office Staff

  • Laura Christie
    Campus Director
  • Brenda Chambers-Ivey
    Administrative Assistant
  • Geraldine Kakeeway​
    Support Services Officer
  • Jennifer Derouin
    Contact North Online Recruitment Officer

For other campus staff, see their Faculty & Staff photo webpage …

Practical Nursing Program

student photo

Practical Nursing




student photo

Practical Nursing

student photo

Practical Nursing


student photo

Practical Nursing

student photo

Practical Nursing

Literacy and Basic Skills program

It was a lot of fun photographing these three Indigenous students in the Literacy and Basic Skills program. They certainly enjoyed hamming it up for the camera. I encouraged them to hang in there and complete their program. It does take an extra degree of discipline to successfully complete a program that is a self-paced series of booklet tutorials, with some assistance/feedback/guidance from the classroom instructor.

student photo

Literacy & Basic Skills

student photo

Literacy & Basic Skills


student photo

Literacy & Basic Skills

Travis successfully completed his GED (General Education Development - Grade 12 equivalency test) in December and enrolled in the Business Accounting program in January!
We are very proud of him! His “significant other” is also in the Business Accounting program that started in September.

student photos

Literacy & Basic Skills students
Travis, Conrad & Damien






MC 155 - Microsoft Office 2007 Applications Course

This course was another great source of promotional photos of students in a computer lab environment.

student photo





student photo


student photo

Sarah & Kirby


BSc Nursing Program

student photo

BSc Nursing students work on a group project in the open computer lab, located next door to the Administrative Office.

student photo

Bailey, Robyn, Kim & Samantha


Kenora Community

Kenora Daily Miner & News photo

Exterior of the Kenora Daily Miner & News office with a mural above showing some history of the newspaper printing process.

Kenora wall mural

Another wall mural showing some early Kenora history.


Kenora City Hall photo

Kenora City Hall & town clock which overlooks the city.

Kenora Public Library photo

Kenora Public Library
across from City Hall


Kenora Kericia Hotel photo

Historic Kenricia Hotel - a landmark building located at the most prominent downtown retail intersection, completed in 1910 - Northern Ontario’s best example of a Beaux-Arts influenced hotel.

Lake of the Woods Museum

Lake of the Woods Museum -showcases the cultures and heritage of the area.


Kenora skyline photo

The start of a great day, overlooking the Kenora skyline from the hotel room.

Kenora - Lake of the Woods

Camps & cottages, inviting waterways and giant red pine trees, reminiscent of southern Ontario’s Muskoka Lakes region.


Kenora sports facility photo

Kenora Recreation Center
with hockey rink, walking track, swimming pool, workout gym. Outdoors facilities include skate park, baseball fields, tennis courts & basketball court.

Husky the Muskie photo

Kenora’s famous mascot is “Husky the Muskie” standing over 12 meters tall on the harbour front. In 1995, the town spent $20,000 to repair and spruce him up.


Community Signage (for Kenora Campus)

Although the Kenora Campus seemed a little hard to locate on the edge of town, there are several directional signs to the campus, located throughout downtown Kenora.

campus sign photo

A directional sign to the campus located at several key intersections throughout the town.

While taking this photo, I met several youth visiting from Pikangikum - a fly-in, First Nation community located approximately 100 km north of Red Lake.


TIP: Identifying a White Pine vs a Red Pine

Did you know? … you can distinguish between a red pine tree vs a white pine tree by plucking a cluster of needles and counting the number of needles. The number of needles closely correlates directly to the number of letters in the name of the pine tree. Red Pine has 2 needles per cluster and are generally stiffer. White Pine has 5 needles to a cluster and generally softer when you brush against them. Red pines get their name from their orange to reddish trunks, breaking up into scaly plates, as the tree matures. When bent sharply, the needles break cleanly, as opposed to just folding over, as do the needles of other pine trees.