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Tuition Fees (for International Students)

Tuition Fees for International Students

Paying for your education is very important, please read through the fees section of the website carefully to ensure that you are aware of your obligations and financial responsibilities.

Please refer to Program Chart (PDF) for details on the fees breakdown per semester for your selected program. The fees noted do not include any program-specific fees. For information on these, refer to your Letter of Acceptance (LOA) or to the specific program page.

Fees do include both tuition and ancillary fees (such as health insurance, a bus pass, etc.).

A non-refundable application fee of $95.00 CAD is required with your application for all programs.

All fees are payable in full by the fee deadline dates established by the College. 

CO-OP and Work Placement FEES

Students in programs which include mandatory work placement, (which usually takes place during the semester), must pay tuition fees while they are on placement. This includes all programs which have a full semester of work placement. Students in a two or three year program which includes one semester of placement must therefore pay fees for all semesters of the program, including that spent on work placement.

Students in programs with a mandatory co-op  are required to pay a $470 fee to participate. This fee is charged by semesters ($235/semester) and is included in the tuition fee. Students do not pay tuition fees while in co-op (which generally takes place in the summer months and NOT during the semester)

Students in programs offering an optional co-op will be required to pay a $470 fee if they choose to participate.  This fee is not included in tuition fees; it must be paid in the semester prior to the start of co-op. Please note, Confederation does not guarantee co-op for all interested students as it is the employer who selects students to fill co-op positions. Confederation will assist with resume writing and job search skills.