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Other Costs for International Students


Late Payment Fee $  50.00
Tuition Deferral Fee $  50.00
Program Change upon Arrival/Changing Second Program Noted on LOA Fee $125.00
Program Transfer Fee in All Other Cases $  30.00
Appeal Fee $  25.00
Transfer Credit Fee (1 credit) $  25.00
Transfer Credit Fee (2 or more credits) $  50.00
Health Record Fee $  40.00

Program Specific Supplies: cost varies by program; please refer to the back of your Letter of Acceptance for approximate cost of supplies required for your program.


Budgeting is always tricky, so we have put together some tips and guidelines to help make it easier.


Diploma Programs

English as a Second Language Programs

Books & Education Materials

Varies greatly.
Budget a minimum of $150/course/semester

Please note that some students are required to purchase a uniform, safety equipment or special equipment as required by the specific program. Please refer to the specific program information page

Budget a minimum of $100+/session

College sponsored social activities

Some covered with tuition fees.

Varies. Budget a minimum of $200


College residence (Shared Room with Meal Plan) - $200/week

One-Bedroom Apartment - $200+/week

Two bedroom apartment, shared with one other - $125+/week


Minimum $300 - $400/month