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International Ancillary Fees


Ancillary Fee


College Service Fee

$428 ($274 term 1 / $264 term 2)

Student Association Fee

$230 ($115/term)

Health Plan

$600/12 months OR

$1.45/day ESL/EAP students

Universal Bus Pass


International Services Fee


International Student Recovery Fee


Municipal Fee


Description of Fees

College Service Fee

  • on-campus health and medical services
  • life insurance coverage
  • information technology
  • campus recreation
  • fitness activities
  • tutorial services
  • graduation and award ceremonies

Fees: $428 ($274 term 1 / $264 term 2)​

Student Association Fee

All full-time post-secondary students are required to pay the Student Association fee. Some of the programs and services provided by this fee include:

  • advocacy and representation
  • student leadership opportunities
  • orientation events and activities
  • student lounges
  • big screen televisions in all buildings
  • fax services
  • varsity athletics
  • student food bank
  • campus publications
  • class/club funding and banking service
  • bursaries and awards
  • campus recreation
  • special events and programming
  • wellness & diversity programming

Fees: $230 ($115/term)​

Health Plan

All full time international and ESL students at Confederation College receive health insurance plans from Insurance a one-time fee is charged.​

Fees: $600./12month OR $1.45/day ESL/EAP students

Universal Bus Pass

All full-time post-secondary students at the Thunder Bay campus now receive a U-PASS (Universal Bus Pass) integrated into their Student Card. If you are a student who resides outside of the service area of Thunder Bay Transit while attending school, you may request to opt-out of the U-Pass and receive a refund. For more information, please visit SUCCI U-Pass. This fee is billed annually to student accounts.​

Fees: Annual Fee $151 (valid September to August)

International Services Fee

Assistance with:

  • admissions
  • registration
  • settlement
  • academic advising
  • support
  • advocacy
  • activities
  • orientation

Fees: $210/year

International Student Recovery Fee

The provincial Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development requires that an International Recovery Fee, be applied to all international students enrolled in full-time programs at public colleges and universities.

Fees: $375/semester​

Municipal Fee

Charged to all international students.

Fees: $75/year


*Ancillary fees are for the 2018-2019 school year