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Post-Graduate Work Permit Applications


International students in Canada may be eligible to work part time during their studies, and full time during scheduled breaks. Please refer to your study permit remarks or check the CIC website to determine if you are eligible. There are no longer off-campus work permits issued for students, the remarks on the study permit will indicate if you are eligible to work during your studies.

Work-Study Co-Op Programs

Some programs at Confederation College include a work placement or co-op. This will be indicated on your letter of acceptance. Most students will receive a co-op work permit, along with the study permit at the port of entry into Canada. If you do not receive this permit upon entry, please contact the International Education Centre.

Full-Time Employment after Graduation

Information on how to work in Canada after graduation is available online.  More Information.

Opportunities Ontario

If you are an international graduate, you may be able to apply to “Opportunities Ontario” for nomination as a permanent resident, under the International Student Category. However, it is important to understand that Opportunities Ontario is employer-driven. This means that if you are seeking nomination, you can apply only if:

  • Your prospective employer has first applied for pre-screening of a position
  • The position has been approved
  • Your prospective employer sends you the employer’s approval letter

For information, forms and guides, please visit the Opportunities Ontario.