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Off Campus Accommodations for International Students

Thunder Bay has a variety of off-campus rental housing options including single homes, duplexes and apartments. Students wishing to live off-campus need to research availability on their own and should arrive well before the start of term to do so.  While the International Education Centre is unable to arrange off-campus housing for interested students, we have prepared an Off-Campus Housing Guide that you will find helpful. Students can also connect with other international students looking for off-campus accommodation, by posting a note on our Facebook page. Existing students who may have a room available for rent also post on our Facebook page, so do check it out.

Students can also consult the following for off-campus housing listings:

Note: Rental charges often do not include the cost of utilities, such as charges for heat and water, internet access and cable television. Accounts may need to be established with individual utility providers for these services. Please confirm with the landlord what utilities are included in the rent and which need to be arranged and paid for separately.

Also note, that most rental accommodation in Thunder Bay is rented unfurnished. This means that you may have to budget and arrange for the purchase and delivery of furniture.

Finally, most landlords require first and last month’s rent in advance of you moving in. Please budget for that. Rent is generally paid the first of each month.