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Safe Arrivals Program (International)

Arriving in a new country, especially after a long flight, can be overwhelming. To help make your transition to Thunder Bay as stress-free as possible, we offer a Safe Arrivals program. Safe Arrivals offers three options for you to choose from, letting us take care of the details of your short-term accommodation upon arrival and/or transportation from the airport.

Safe arrivals application, please complete and submit to our office.

If you chose not to participate in the Safe Arrivals program, we conclude that you will be arranging your own accommodations and transportation from the airport.


1.      Residence Only ($75 per person, for 3 nights, in shared accommodation)

  • Students can now stay in the Sibley Hall residence upon arrival for up to three nights (shared accommodation) for $75. The fee for all three nights is $75 - not $75 per night.  Students’ may extend their short-term stay, at their own expense, subject to room availability. 


2.      Airport Pick-Up Only ($50 per person).  (Only available August 20 - September 10)

  • A College representative will meet you at the airport and help you transition to your accommodations. We will keep track of your flight(s) to Canada, however, please email if you have any missed or delayed flights, and will be arriving in Thunder Bay at a later time.  A College representative meets you at the airport and helps you transition to your selected accommodation.


3.      Residence & Airport Pick-Up ($125 per person)

  • We meet you at the airport and help you transition to residence.

No advance payment is necessary. Your student account will be charged and you can pay once you have settled here and set up your bank account. We’ll track your flight, so don’t worry if there are delays.