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Our Homestay Hosts

There is a wide variety of homestay options available, and we do our best to match students and hosts according to their interests and preferences. Homestay hosts include single people, young couples with children and pets, and older couples. All homestay accommodations have been inspected, and all adults in the home have completed a criminal reference check. 

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Homestay host, email us or call 807-475-6564.

Costs (effective May 1, 2016)

There is a $150 non-refundable homestay placement fee.

Option 1 – Accommodation only (NO meals/food): $500 per month. Students have a private room, a shared bathroom, and use of household amenities. In this option, students purchase and prepare their own meals. Students who select this option, should have basic cooking skills and experience in preparing all aspects of their meals. The Homestay Host will certainly assist the student initially to locate and travel to the grocery stores, etc. – but will not be available to teach the student to cook

Option 2 – Accommodation INCLUDING meals/food: $800 per month. In addition to a private room, a shared bathroom and use of household amenities, students also have three meals per day and access to healthy snacks like fresh fruit. Breakfast and lunch are usually self-serve and lighter fare, while most of the evening meals are eaten together with the host/host family. (Average of 4 or more a week) On evenings where the host is not at home, meals will have been prepared for the student and may require heating up, etc. Students will typically have access to the kitchen should they wish to occasionally cook or prepare snacks on their own.

With both homestay options, students are expected to share light household responsibilities such as cleaning their rooms, washing their own clothes and cleaning up after themselves. Bedding, towels, toilet paper, soap, and cleaning supplies are included in the monthly cost of each option; personal supplies such as shampoo must be purchased by the students. Homestay is not an alternative to a hotel, and should not be treated as such.

Please note: students who choose to cancel their homestay accommodation without prior approved notice will be charged the equivalent of one month’s homestay fee.


Location of our Homestay Hosts

Homestays are located along a bus route; it may take as little as 5 minutes or up to one hour on the bus to get to the college. Homes closer to the college are quickly reserved. Students who wait until August to reserve homestay accommodation for September will likely be housed further from the college and will have less choice in terms of homestay options.


Commitment By You

The homestay program should not be considered a convenient spot for students to stay while they seek out other accommodations. Students sign a Responsibilities & Participation Agreement, and are required to commit to the homestay option for a minimum of one semester (4 months). Students should understand that when they choose this accommodation option, they are choosing to live with a Canadian family and will be treated as a family member. As such, they must abide by common house rules and guidelines, including sharing in household chores, and respecting family rules on alcohol and overnight guests.


Application Process

To apply, please submit paper Homestay Application. A non-refundable fee of $150 applies.