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Western Union

International Payments via Western Union

International students can also use the WUSMGlobalPay for Student platform to arrange for payments online and in their own currency.

For a quick demo regarding how this service works, please watch this video and for a more detailed introduction, our GlobalPay for Students platform PDF provides an easy-to-read overview of our payment process.

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Benefits include:

  • No transaction charges from us or Western Union Business Solutions
  • Favourable exchange rates compared to most banks
  • Reduced bank fees because transfer is initiated locally
  • Payments post as quickly as 2 business days from transfer

The GlobalPay for Students platform lets students pay in their own currency and from their home bank account.

  1. Sign in to our student payments portal using your Student ID.
  2. Select the items which you wish to pay and choose your currency.
  3. See your exchange rate and total cost*. If it works for you, agree to it.
  4. Receive your transfer instructions and process payment through your bank, online or over the phone.
  5. Western Union Business Solutions will post the funds to your student account as soon as they are received, usually 2–5 days from when you make your transfer.

Make your payment today via Western Union Business Solutions …

* certain currencies may require student to contact designated service provider in country to obtain rate.

** Any payment accepted from you by Western Union Business Solutions will be on behalf of Confederation College, under an agreement with Confederation College. Western Union Business Solutions is not a service provider to you or other students.