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Health Insurance (International)

All International students at Confederation College have access to basic and emergency health care throughout their studies at Confederation. Health insurance coverage is included in international student tuition fees and is provided by Coverage includes doctor appointments, emergency room care, and hospitalization, if required. The health coverage will activate in the first month of your classes (September 1, January 1, or May 1) and will remain in effect until you graduate.

Please note that pre-existing conditions are not covered by Guard Me Health Insuarnce.

In order to process a claim, students must request a copy of the doctor’s notes taken during the appointment for submission to the insurance company. Students should show their health insurance card to the service providers at the start of their appointment and ask the provider to invoice them for the service; students can then request that Guard Me pay the invoice. In some cases,  students may be requested to pay the provider of the service first and then apply for reimbursement through later

For more information on health insurance coverage and to submit a health claim:

Download the Guard Me App for easy claim processing and access to your policy:
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