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Health Insurance for International Students

All International students at Confederation College have access to basic and emergency health care throughout their studies at Confederation. Health insurance coverage is included in international student tuition fees and is provided by Study Insured by Ingle International

Certain medical facilities in Thunder Bay will directly charge the insurance company, but others will require the student to pay up-front. If up-front payment is required, the student will need to submit a claim to Study Insured.

The health coverage will activate in the first month of classes (September 1, January 1, or May 1) and will remain in effect until graduation. Students will receive their policy information through their Confederation College e-mail upon enrollment in the plan.

Anytime a student utilizes medical facilities during their period of coverage they must remember to call the insurance company within 48 hours of the visit at 1-866-883-9787.  

For more information on health insurance coverage and to submit a health claim: