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Health Insurance (Health Centre)

Most medical services are covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. Out of province students may be covered through their own provincial medical insurance. These insurance policies should be read carefully to determine coverage. International students are responsible for obtaining their own medical insurance and determining coverage. Information for international students is available by contacting Confederation College’s International Student Services at (807) 475-6467.

OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan)

Physician’s fees as well as laboratory work, x-rays, and most referrals are paid by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

You should be aware that:

  • You must present a valid health card at each visit
  • Every person has their own Health Card number. Your number is not the same as other members of your family.
  • When making an application, you must have proof of Canadian Citizenship, either a Birth Certificate or Baptismal Certificate. A Driver’s License is not sufficient identification for the OHIP Office.
  • If you are not an Ontario resident, you may have coverage through your own Provincial Medical insurance. Not all provinces have the same health benefits. Please read your policy carefully with regard to Out-Of-Province benefits.
  • International students are not covered by OHIP. They are advised to seek private insurance.

For more information about OHIP, visit their website: Ontario Health Insurance Plan

Student Accident and Insurance Plan

Full-time post-secondary students registered at Confederation College are covered under the student insurance plan (unless the student chose to Opt-Out prior to the Opt-Out deadline as they already have alternate coverage in place).

There are three plans to choose from at no additional cost, before the deadline date per semester. (Note: if no plan is chosen students will automatically be enrolled in the “Balanced Plan”)

Coverage varies depending on the plan chosen; please visit, SUCCI Office, or the Health Centre for plan information. Students given prescriptions and visiting the Health Centre are always informed with regards to benefits of a drug plan. Accident and insurance inquiries are also welcomed.

  • Your student fees automatically enroll you in this Supplementary Insurance Plan. You have the right to opt-out of the plan or opt-in spouses or dependants. Opt-In/Opt-Out forms can be obtained at the SUCCI Office and Health Centre.
  • Prescription drugs will also be reimbursed 75% after a $25 deductible. You must present your student card when filling prescriptions in order to qualify.
  • Pick up a copy of the Student Accident and Insurance Plan from the Student Union or Health Centre offices.

For more information about the Student Health Insurance Plan, click here.

How to use your Student Plan

Give the Pharmacy/Dentist the following information:

  • Group Number: 513973
  • Provider: ClaimSecure
  • Your Student ID#: M _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (last 9 digits)

Anything other than Drug/Dental claims must be paid for up front and mailed into ClaimSecure directly with the claim form & original receipts, or submitted online by creating and “eProfile” account at

All Claim Forms are available on the website.

Single and or Family Coverage

Non Post-Secondary Students attending full-time on campus can choose to Opt-In to the Student Helath & Dental Plan for a fee. Individuals who are opting into the plan must have current OHIP or equivalent coverage. For further information please contact your student union.

Students may Opt-In spouses and dependents, for an additional fee before the deadline date per semester. Simply go to with a Visa/Mastercard or visit the SUCCI Office before the deadline date. The family members will be on the same Plan Option that the student has chosen.

NOTE: Any contact you have with the Health Centre will be handled with complete privacy. Medical information will not be released without written consent, unless required by law.