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About our Campus & Community (Geraldton)

Our Greenstone Campus, the first stop in the eastern leg of my journey is located in the high school, near the centre of the town of Geraldton …

This article is part of a series entitled “Know Your Regional Campuses” (KYRC) - Greenstone Campus … an opportunity to become more familiar with our Regional Campuses, some of the people who work there and the unique communities in which they reside, along with a little history of the area.

Greenstone Campus entrance photo

Greenstone Campus entrance - north side of the high school.

Geraldton Highschool entrance photo

Front entrance to the Geraldton Composite High School.
NOTE: the Confederation campus entrance is located on the north (right) side of the building.


As you arrive in this community, one of the first tourist attractions that catches your eye is a “mining head frame(a building containing the mechanisms for the mine elevator shaft) a reminder of this area’s strong historical connection to mining. Juxtaposed directly across the highway and up a hill is the discoverGeraldton Interpretive Centre. The distinctive architecture of this building is in the form of a modern, stylized mining “head frame.”

Geraldton - mining head frame photo

Mining head frame on the outskirts of Geraldton from the MacLeod-Cockshutt gold mine (which subsequently became the MacLeod-Mosher Mine). The mine below runs approximately 2,200 feet deep, ran for 32 years and produced 180,576 ounces of gold. Closed July, 1970.

Geraldton - mining museum photo

discoverGeraldton Interpretive Centre (corner of Highway 11 & Michael Power Blvd.) “Where the past and present meet in a fantastic interactive heritage display.” Displays: Hudson Bay Fur Trade, the gold boom, and the fire fighting legacy. Open summers. Opened July, 2000.


As you drive into Geraldton, you notice a “Ring of Fire - 350km ahead” sign. This highly-publicized chromite extraction and smelting project (used in the manufacture of stainless steel), is currently in its exploratory stages, and has the potential to revitalize this community … a community that has been clearly hit hard by the downturns in the forestry industry. The main vein of chromite discovered to date (black in colour) is 40 feet wide and runs 2 km long. Apparently, there is enough chromite in the region to support 100 years of mining! This level of new activity could certainly revitalize this community in major ways. In addition, gold mining is also starting to make a come back in the area.

Ring of Fire sign - Geraldton photo

“Ring of Fire” sign

North Star Convenience Store - Geraldton photo

North Star Convenience Store - Geraldton outskirts



Anne Renaud
Campus Director



Bridget Fortier

Academic Services Assistant


campus entrance photo
Exterior side entrance to the college and the high school, facing Hogarth Avenue West.

campus entrance photo
Entrance to campus reception & offices inside the front lobby.


Faculty & Staff

Kyla Groulx, MSc HBSc BEd - Academic Upgrading Faculty



Learning at the Greenstone Campus

The LBS curriculum used throughout the college is comprised of a series of self-paced tutorial booklets/modules that students work through and then review their answers with their instructor, before moving onto the next module.

LBS student photo

Sophie - student taking
Literacy & Basic Skills (LBS) program

LBS student with LBS faculty Art Santala photo

Tracy - Literacy & Basic Skills (LBS)
with faculty Art Santala


I also met students, Nola and Chelsie in the Personal Support Worker (PSW) program and Lisa and Destiny in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) program, who are learning via Contact North facilities (Terry Mykula is Site Coordinator) which provides a live, two-way video hook-up to a live classroom, or instructor.

learning via Contact North facilities photo

Learning at a distance - Nola & Chelsie - students Personal Support Worker (PSW) program

learning via Contact North facilities photo

Learning via Contact North TWO-WAY video conferencing equipment The professor is teaching from a distance simultaneously to multiple remote sites such as Contact North locations.


Centra software is also used extensively by students in the region, as well as in Thunder Bay, to tie into live classroom discussion from any Internet-connected computer. Use of these Internet technologies enables students in remote communities a choice of much wider range of programs and courses that would otherwise be possible. Learning and teaching at a distance certainly does have its unique challenges for both the student and the instructor, but students do appreciate the opportunity to learn in their own communities.

student photo

Lisa taking the Native Child & Family Services program

student photo

Learning at a distance using Centra software using Centra software to tie into a live classroom. (two way audio + onscreen slides from the instructor)

Recreation in the Greenstone Area

Curling, hockey and golf are popular recreational activities in Geraldton.

The Greenstone area is renowned for fishing, hunting, and snowmobiling, etc. They cater to both Canadian and American outdoor enthusiasts. But if you are not into the great outdoors, there currently aren’t many other recreational opportunities or jobs available with which a young person can become involved. Community members are hopeful that this will change in the near future with new mining development in the area. Young people tend to feel a little trapped here and look forward to the periodic three-hour treks to Thunder Bay to shop, or to see a movie, etc.

student photo

Barbara taking the Business Accounting program at a distance.

front reception/reading area photo

Front reception/reading area