Everything you need to know about General Education …

What is General Education?

All employers value workers who have a broad-based education. In fact, employees with a knowledge of subject areas beyond their primary area of study can contribute to a constantly changing workplace in a variety of ways. For this reason, all Ontario Diploma and Advanced Diploma college programs require students to complete a minimum of three General Education (GE) courses. The courses are intended to help learners acquire a greater knowledge and understanding of the world, as well as how to cope with life challenges. GE courses also enhance a learner’s sense of social responsibility so that college graduates can participate actively and fully in society.

General Education Courses Count Towards GPA

Your marks in your Confederation College General Education courses are included in the calculation of your Grade Point Average.

General education courses are divided into five themes:

General Education Requirements

Students in two or three year college programs must complete a minimum of three General Education electives.

These courses may be required or selected via the electives process when you register; check your program’s website to review required courses, such as SY066, PY199 and others.

At Confederation College, General Education courses are offered in regular classes and also online.

*Some General Education courses specific to only one or two programs are not listed below; check your program’s website for details, or contact your Program Coordinator.  Some courses may not be offered every semester.

**A variety courses are offered by alternative delivery (distance education/online); check Continuing Education for current offerings.

Theme 1. Arts in Society

HU 200 Contemporary Applied Ethics 3
HU 220 Greek Mythology 3
HU 119 The History of the Movies (Film Production only) 3
FA 119 Contemporary Aboriginal Artistic Design 3


Theme 2. Civic Life

AS 332 Workplace Readiness 3
HU 272 Post 9/11 World of War 3
HU 240 The World Now 3


Theme 3. Social and Cultural Understanding

GE 099 Passport to Latin America 3
HU 024 Historical Impacts of Colonization on Indigenous Communities 3
HU 250 The Psychology of Terror 3
PY 114 Understanding Addiction 3
SY 125 Introduction to Sociology 3
SY 126 Sociology of Pop Culture 3
SY 130 Gender, Society and Change 3
SY 180 Exploring Human Diversity 3
SY 066 Sociology of Community: The Aboriginal Context 3
SY 222 Intimacy, Relationships and Family 3
GY 199  Travel the World in 48 Hours 3


Theme 4. Personal Understanding

AS 220 Wellness for Life 3
GE 103 Human Sexuality 3
GE 113 Building Skills for Success 3
PY 063 Child Development 3
PY 133 Psychology and Personal Development 3
PY 169 Interpersonal Communication Skills 3
PY 199 Introductory Psychology 3
PY 200 Psychology of Perception 3
PY 299 Developmental Psychology 3
PY 399 Abnormal Psychology 3


Theme 5. Science and Technology

AS 110 Managing Media in the Information Age 3
GE 059 People and the Forest 3
GE 220 Personal Financial Planning 3
GE 569 Energy and Environmental Issues in an Industrial World 3

 Confederation Online Courses

  • GE 113 Building Skills for Success
  • SY 125 Introduction to Sociology
  • PY 199 Introduction to Psychology
  • PY 299 Developmental Psychology
  • PY 399 Abnormal Psychology
  • AS 220 Wellness for Life
  • SY 068 Contemporary Aboriginal Society

Confederation Blended Delivery Courses (1.5 hours in-class / 1.5 hours online)

  • GE 113 Building Skills for Success
  • SY 125 Introduction to Sociology
  • PY 199 Introduction to Psychology
  • PY 299 Developmental Psychology
  • PY 399 Abnormal Psychology
  • AS 220 Wellness for Life
  • SY 068 Contemporary Aboriginal Society

Other online courses available at various start dates: Contact Continuing Education  - Online Learning

How do students select General Education courses?

  1. Review your Program’s course requirements to see if there are any required General Education courses in your program.
    Link to Postsecondary Programs

  2. When you register in the Fall and Spring for your programs, select your General Education elective from the list that appears. Required courses for each program will be available in the Electives block for your program.
    Link to Registration Services

  3. If you want to take a course that is not in the list provided on this page, or in your electives block, check Continuing Education course offerings.
    Link to Continuing Education
    You may contact your Program Coordinator, or the General Education Coordinator to see if the Continuing Education course meets the General Education requirements.

Applied & Vocational Courses (Non-General Education)

Courses that provide applied training or practical experience in a specific field of employment do not qualify as General Education: 

  • language courses such as French, Spanish, Mandarin, Ojibwe
  • hands-on computer or technology courses: Introduction to Computers, Advanced Spreadsheets, Photo Editing
  • courses that relate directly to a specific workplace: Practical programming in social service courses, communications for early childhood educators or developmental service workers, sports coaching, health and safety training, fitness training, etc.
  • Art or Music courses that provide hands-on techniques such as Introduction to Painting, Playing the Guitar, Cake-Decorating or Gardening
  • Placement, practicum or laboratory courses
  • Math, Physics, or Communications courses

Transfer Credits

You can apply for transfer credits if you have taken General Education courses at another college or university. In addition to transfer credits, General Education courses taken at Confederation College can also be applied to another program at the college. Contact your program coordinator or the General Education Coordinator for more information.

Transfer Credit Process

  1. Confirm that the completed courses fits within the theme areas above, or that it is similar to a required General Education course in your program.
  2. You may apply for a Transfer Credit by completing a Transfer Credit Request form and submitting the form, an official transcript and a copy of the course outline to the Registrar’s Department. A fee is required.

Courses must meet the following criteria:

  • the course must be 45 hours
  • the course must fall within one of the five theme areas
  • the final grade on the official transcript must be 60% or higher
  • the course must be post-secondary
  • the course must be from an accredited institution
  1. Transfer Credits for required General Education courses in a specific program will be reviewed by a professor who teaches the course and a recommendation will be made based on a comparison of the requested course and the Confederation College course.
  2. NOTE: Other courses may be considered to fulfill the General Education requirements. Talk to your program coordinator for more information.

Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR)

General Education courses are available for challenge or assessment through Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR). Please contact the General Education Coordinator for more information or read about Prior Learning Assessment & Recognition (PLAR). You may be able to gain credits for learning acquired through study, work, volunteering and other life experiences that are not recognized through formal transfer credit mechanisms.

More Information about General Education Courses at Confederation College

David Lammers
General Education Coordinator
Confederation College
Phone: (807) 475-3750