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Faculty & Staff (Fort Frances)

Our staff at the Rainy River District campus look forward to getting to know you.
We are here to help you in your educational journey.

Sandra Turner photo  

Sandra Turner, Director, Rainy River District and Eastern Campuses

Phone: (807) 274-5395 ext. 4813

photo - Anne Renaud  

Anne Renaud, Dean, Access and Success

Phone: (807) 473-3832
Cell: (807) 275-9415

B.A.Sc, Mechanical Engineering, University of Waterloo; MBA, Wilfrid Laurier University. Campus Director since 2002, Anne has owned her own management consulting business and has delivered training across Canada and the US. Her background in adult training and management consulting is a great asset to her position as campus director.

Kathy Egan photo


Kathy Egan, Program Officer

Phone: (807) 274-5395 ext. 4804

A graduate of the Business Diploma program at Confederation College, Kathy has been with the college since 2000. Kathy oversees all of our part-time and full time programs. 

Evelyn Sletmoen photo  

Evelyn Sletmoen, Academic Services Assistant

Phone: (807) 274-5395 ext. 4800

Evelyn brings many years of administrative and bookkeeping skills to the college, having spent over five years with NCDS Career Works in Fort Frances. Evelyn has been with the college since 2003.


Cristal Kinsman photo  

Cristal Kinsman, Projects Officer

Phone: (807) 274-5395 ext. 4806

A graduate of the Office Administration and Aboriginal Canadian Relations programs at Confederation College, Cristal has been with the college since 2004. Cristal oversees the School within a College program, Dual Credit programs and promotes the Rainy River District Campus at local and regional career fairs.

Kathy Caul photo  

Kathy Caul, Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395 ext. 4809

Kathy has been teaching postsecondary courses for many years. Prior to teaching here, she taught post-secondary classes for Canadore College and Lakehead University. Kathy has a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from Northern Arizona University (BS) and a Master of Education degree in Human Relations and Counselling from Northern Arizona University (M.Ed.). She is also a certified primary and junior teacher with the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT). Kathy teaches in the SSW, ESP, NCFS programs and also teaches many electives.

Leah Galusha photo  

Leah Galusha, Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395 ext. 4807

Dede McCool Bio Pic  

Dede McCool, Classroom Assistant

Phone: (807) 274-5395 ext. 4801

Dick Botsford photo  

Dick Botsford - Student Advisor

Phone: (807) 274-5395 ext. 4810

Cathy Tysz photo  

Cathy Tysz, Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395

A graduate of the Computer Applications Support Specialist program at Confederation College, Cathy has been with the college since 1999. She is also Microsoft Office Specialist Certified. Cathy teaches several computer classes here on campus.

Wendy Derendorf photo  

Wendy Derendorf, Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395

A graduate of the first RN program at Confederation College in 1975.  Wendy has been teaching at the college since 2005. She spent many years at the Riverside Health Care Facility in the Continuing Care Unit in Fort Frances and is presently employed at Community Care Access Center. Wendy has been an instructor in the ES program, PSW, and Pre Health.

Alana Pierce photo   

Alana Pierce, Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395

B.A (English), St. Mary’s University, Halifax. B.Ed. University of Maine.
Alana teaches English and Communications in the Educational Assistant and
Pre Health programs. Alana has been an instructor at the college since 2006.


Tracy Roach photo


Tracey Roach, Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395

Tracy is an instructor in the Practical Nursing program.
She has been with the college since 2005.

David Black  

David Black, Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395

David is an instructor in the Paramedic program.
David has been with the college since 2010.




Connie Schwartz- Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395

Instructor for Pre-Health Chemistry

Connie obtained both a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, MB.  She is registered with the Ontario College of Teachers and has a Secondary Honours Specialist designation as well as training in providing an Advanced Placement program.  She has taught for the Rainy River District School Board for 10 years.

Shannon Jackson photo  

Shannon Jackson - Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395


Jenni Morrison, Integration Facilitator for the CICE Program

Phone: (807) 274-5395 Ext. 4808


Jenni is a 2016 graduate of the Developmental Service Worker Program.  She began working at Confederation College in the Fall of 2017 when the Community Integration Through Co-operative Education Program (CICE) launched at the Rainy River District Campus.  Jenni is excited to be part of the Confederation College team and to promote the CICE Program within the college and local communities.  Jenni oversees the CICE Program. 


Jacob Quast, Professor

Phone: (807) 274-5395




Jordan Baird, Professor

Phone: (807) 630-9435



Jordan Baird, H.B.Sc. Geology/Physics - Lakehead University, Arboriculture Technician - Olds College.

Jordan has instructed Pre-Health Physics I & II since the fall of 2017. He owns and operates an arboriculture service - “The Tree Guide” - in the town of Fort Frances. He has a passion for experiencing and understanding the natural world, and his aim in his classes is to give students new lenses through which to view it.