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About our Campus & Community

Our Rainy River District Campus, the first stop in the western leg of my journey is located in the high school, in the town of Fort Frances.

Fort Frances is located on the Canada/USA border, directly across Rainy River from International Falls, MN, 4.5 hrs from Thunder Bay. Gold mining is active and gaining strength in the area and hockey definitely rules in recreational sports …

This article is part of a series entitled “Know Your Regional Campuses” (KYRC) - Rainy River District Campus … an opportunity to become more familiar with our Regional Campuses, some of the people who work there, and the unique communities in which they reside, along with a little history of the area.


Minor hockey is huge in Fort Frances. They have new multi-sports arena which boasts two ice surfaces, a swimming pool, and a weight-training facility.

photo - Fort Frances Memorial Sports Centre

Fort Frances Memorial Sports Centre

Fort Frances Memorial Sports Centre - ice surface 1

Ice Surface #1 with seating - ideal for regional hockey tournaments

To see a movie, residents frequently head across the border and across Rainy River to International Falls, MN.

Tourism & History

Included among their tourist attractions is the “Hallett” logging tug boat which was the largest and most powerful boat on Rainy Lake. It was retired in 1974, after hauling an estimated 1.5 million cords of wood. The boat has recently been restored and is now parked downtown on the edge of Rainy River, an area known as La Verendrye Parkway, named after a French explorer who traveled much of Northwestern Ontario in the 1700’s, looking for a route to the western sea.

photo - Hallett logging tug

The “Hallett” a powerful logging tug boat, that worked for many years on Rainy Lake, now parked downtown along the La Verendrye Parkway as a tourist attraction.

photo - La Verendrye Parkway

La Verendrye Parkway, running along Rainy River, named after a French explorer, who explored much of northwestern Ontario


Fort Frances Museum photo

Fort Frances Museum located on the main street in the downtown area.

photo - Fort Frances border crossing

Canada border crossing, with the Resolute Forest Products mill in the background.

The Fort Frances Economy

Sport Fishing - Canadian Bass Championship

Fort Frances is famous for its Canadian Bass Championship Tournament on Rainy Lake, during the third week of July, drawing throngs of fishing enthusiasts with many high-end bass boats from near and far (Canada and the USA).

Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship - photo of sign

Canadian Bass Championships in July each year.

photo - farm hay wagon on road near Emo

Farming is also very big in the area, centred around Emo.


Golfing at the Kitchen Creek 18-hole public golf course is a popular summer activity.

photo - Kitchen Creek Golf & Country Club - Fort Frances

Kitchen Creek Golf & Country Club - 18 holes


Students at Rainy River District Campus

Paramedic student photo

Chris - Paramedic

Paramedic student photo

Lee - Paramedic


student photo

Dave: Pre-Health Sciences

student photo

Sherry: Protection,
Security and Investigation (PSI)


student photo

Jaynie: Practical Nursing



Online class via two-way video conference photo

Online class BSc Nursing via two-way video conference photo.

Online class via two-way video conference photo

BScN students Alissa, Mical, Mariah and Christy.



Mariah: BScN


Christy: BScN



Nicole: Practical Nursing


Kelsie, Kayla, Tammy & Arissa: Practical Nursing



Cindy McKinnon: Practical Nursing Instructor

photo - Paramedic students practicing

Chris, Eddie, & Steve: Paramedic


Emergency Entrance - Riverside Health Care Facility Fort Frances - La Verendrye Hospital - exterior photo

Riverside Health Care Facility - (main entrance) employs over 500 people and is also a major contributor to the Fort Frances economy.

Hospitals in Emo and Rainy River also operate under their umbrella

photo- logging history art on building in downtown Fort Frances

Building art in the downtown area depicts the town’s long history in the pulp and paper industry.

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