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Online Booking

Click here for Online Booking to book court times. 

Please be advised you must be a current Gold level member of Confederation College Fitness Centre in order to access advance booking privileges. As a day fee, punch pass or guest user or if you have a Silver membership, online booking is not available although you may utilize our same day booking by calling 475-6239 during business hours. To become a member of the Fitness Centre, please feel free to call the facility at 475-6398 or check our Memberships tab to view our current options and rates.

Some features of the booking system:

  1. All people booking online will receive a confirmation email, with details of the booking.
  2. Whoever books the court can add the emails of their partners to send them an automatic notice and reminder of the booking.
  3. Online Sign Up- Members and Black Knights players can now register directly online, without having to fill out any forms at the Front Desk. Activation will only take place after approval of all information. In most cases, activation should take less than 24 hours. For those not using the online access, registration can still be done at the Front Desk.
  4. Booking A Day in Advance- Online Bookings can take place a full day in advance. Bookings for the next day will start at 12:01 am online. Phone in bookings will begin at 5:00 am weekdays and 7:00 am weekends. They will finish at closing time.
  5. Extra Court Time- We will make the last court of the day available for booking , with the understanding it will be 45 minutes in length and you must vacate the building by closing time.
  6. You can now submit your name to a waiting list for a specific court and time. If the court becomes available, you will be notified.

 Just a reminder!

You will be able to book online at anytime, up to one full day in advance. You will be able to call in bookings, any time we are open, up to one day in advance.


  1. Members can book one day in advance.  non-members may book squash and tennis courts on the same day.
  2. Actual last names and first initials must be given at time of booking.  You cannot book with the term “guest”.
  3. You are responsible for notifying your partner(s) of your booking time and date.
  4. A member can book one court per day either over the phone, in person or online.  Online booking begins at the start of each day up to one day in advance-phone or in person begins at building opening.
  5.  An individual member is only entitled to play on any one court for one time slot per day.
  6. Courts must be cancelled as far in advance as possible or a minimum of one hour.  Any late cancellation or no-show will forfeit the booking.
  7. In the case of late cancellation, no-show or someone with no advanced booking, anyone who has not used their entitlement for the day is welcome to book for all or any part of a non reserved time slot.
  8. Fitness Centre staff will be empowered to make decisions on court bookings in the best interest of the majority of our membership.  If the staff deems that any practice by a member is detrimental to access or the best interest of the majority, they may restrict the practice.
  9. Members may continue to play on a court at any time when it is not booked.  However, the court must be relinquished when other members book all or any part of that time slot.
  10. Members may ask the Manager of the Fitness Centre to review and consider changing any policy or practice that they feel is discriminatory to the access of the majority of our membership.
  11. Proper footwear that neither damages the facility nor puts the user at risk should be worn at all times.

Our policies are put into effect to protect the user rights of all members.  We ask for your cooperation.