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Fitness Centre Policies


Qualified First Aid personnel and First Aid supplies are located at the Information Desk.

Membership Policies

  • Payment plans must be completed in full. Non payment will result in initiation of the collection process.
  • Members must present their membership card each visit, at the Information Desk when first entering the Fitness Centre. Members only have the right to access facilities or equipment that are considered part of their membership privileges.
  • Members not presenting their membership card three or more times may be required to pay the day fee or purchase a replacement card.
  • A Replacement Card Fee will be charged for replacing lost membership cards. Your first card replacement is complimentary
  • Membership refunds may only be given to people leaving the immediate Thunder Bay area (60 miles or further) to reside elsewhere. Individuals must be leaving for a period of time exceeding the end of their current membership year. The Cancellation Policy is provided at time of membership sales.
  • Fitness Centre memberships are non-transferable and non refundable, except as noted in the cancellation policy.
  • Non-members may purchase a day pass at the Information Desk.
  • Children under high school age are not allowed in the Nautilus/Trotter/Cardio Centres or the weight room. In other areas, children under 13 are allowed to play squash, tennis, basketball and badminton while supervised by a parent.
  • Children 13 and under are not allowed in the Air Dome (bubble) as a spectator, even under supervision.
  • Children 14 to 18 years of age and living with a parent(s) may be added to the couples rate. A couple is defined as any two people living at the same address (exceptions for single parents only).
  • Rental lockers expire upon termination of membership. Disposal of contents takes place 30 days after membership expiration.
  • The Fitness Centre is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please lock all items in the lockers provided. Day lockers are available. You may use your own lock and remove your personal belongings when you leave. Locks are available to rent.
  • Volleyball and Basketball courts can not be booked at the Front Desk or online. Volleyball and Basketball non-prime time rentals can be arranged by calling 475-6638.
  • Volleyball, use of Rooms 201 and 204 are not part of any membership. In some cases there is a fee for service or non prime time rental arrangements can be made by calling 475-6638.

Hygiene Policies

  • Do strength conditioning workouts prior to cardio workouts, or dry off and change into clean clothing before doing strength conditioning.
  • All workout clothing must be clean and odour free prior to the start of your workout.
  • All equipment must be thoroughly cleaned by the user immediately after use. Towels and cleaning bottles are available in all areas.

Facility Policies

  • The Fitness Centre retains the right to schedule any, or all of the facilities for special events, programs or activities. Advance notice will be posted.
  • Members causing damage to facilities or equipment will forfeit all membership rights. Offenders will be billed for the repairs.
  • When using the weight training area you must return weights after usage.  All weight room equipment must be used solely in the weight room and not brought to other area’s of the Fitness Centre.
  • Members can book in advance one court per calendar day. Abuse will result in the suspension of booking privileges per the section in the Fitness Centre Policies.
  • Members must sign-up for all equipment in the Cardio Centre during prime times.
  • We require that all gold members book an orientation for the Nautilus/Trotter and Cardio Centres.
  • Please vacate all activity areas 15 minutes prior to the posted closing time. Please depart the Fitness Centre by the posted closing time.
  • Members must wear “appropriate” attire, display proper etiquette, courtesy, and language while in the Fitness Centre.
  • In-line skates must be removed and put on in the lobby only.
  • Shoes worn outside should not be worn in Fitness Centre rooms, courts, or the Bubble.
  • Spikes are not allowed.
  • We recommend that all Squash players wear APPROVED eye protection. All players must wear non-marking footwear.
  • We recommend that footwear be worn in the shower and change areas.
  • Spitting in this facility will result in suspension of privileges.
  • Confederation College Fitness Centre is a smoke-free environment. The designated smoking area for this building is outside the west side entrance at a minimum distance of 3 metres.
  • Annually we are usually closed for two days in summer (campus wide power shutdown) and Christmas Day.

Member Cancellation & Refund Policy

  1. Refunds will be given only to individuals who are leaving the immediate Thunder Bay area (60 miles or further) to reside elsewhere. Individuals must be leaving for period of time exceeding the end of the current membership year. As an option the person leaving may decline a refund (if eligible) and apply to transfer the balance of their membership to a non-member.
  2. Non-payment of instalment is not an acceptable cancellation procedure and will result in full collection produces being implemented.
  3. Memberships 4 months and under are not eligible for a cancellation or refunds.
  4. Refunds will only be mailed to the person at their new out-of-town address.
  5. Refund requests must be submitted in writing to the Manager, Fitness Centre for consideration and approval. Refunds must be requested at least 7 days or prior to the date that the member wishes to deactivate their membership.
  6. After approval, and upon receipt of the current membership card(s) and Parking Permit(s) if applicable, eligible refunds will be processed per the following:
    • The original cost of membership minus actual charge for time used plus $25.00 Administrative Fee
    • Example: $423.00 + $ 29.61 GST = $ 423.61 paid for 12 month Gold
    • Membership for 3 month Gold rate $199 + $13.93 GST + $25.00 Administrative Free
    • Refundable amount= $423.61 (12 Months) - $237.93 (3 Months) = $214.23 Refunded
  7. Lockers, payment plan fees, towel service, additional parking permit fees,  and Capital Improvement fees are non refundable.
  8. Only those eligible for a refund will be contacted.
  9. In extenuating situations additional refunds maybe granted by the Manager, Fitness Centre contrary to the above policy.

Fitness Centre Parking Policies

Lot A, is reserved for Fitness Centre community members and community fitness program participants. A Fitness Centre parking permit is required at all times (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). When Lot A, is full, members can park in Lot C. (Parking policy is provided at time of membership sales.)
Parking on Confederation College property is governed by the City of Thunder Bay Parking Authority. Therefore, any person parking a vehicle on College property without a valid permit is a trespasser and may be ticketed and/or prosecuted as such.

Confederation College shall not be held responsible for any loss, injury, or damage to persons and/or motor vehicle including contents, however caused. To avoid theft please ensure that your vehicle is locked and secure.

A Parking Permit is not a guarantee that space is available in any particular lot. However, reasonable means are applied to prevent unauthorized parking and thus maintain facilities to permit holders.

All parking permits remain the property of Confederation College and must be surrendered upon request.

Permits are issued for use of the named holder only. However, members owning more then one vehicle can transfer the permit for one vehicle to another.

It is not permissible to resell, lend or transfer a permit for any reason.

Any false declaration on the application forms or abuse of the parking privileges may result in the cancellation of ones application or privileges.

Replacement or 2nd vehicle permit fee is $10.00, maximum 2 permits per person.

Your vehicle is considered to be in violation if parked without a permit properly displayed; parked with an expired or illegal permit; parked at an expired meter; parked in an unauthorized area; parked in a No Parking Zone; parked in disabled/medical area without a proper permit; observed being in a reckless or careless manner; blocking or obstructing pedestrian or vehicular traffic; or parking on any road, meridian or lawn.

Members will abide by other Rules and Regulations posted throughout the Fitness Centre Facilities or as they are advised by the Fitness Centre Staff.