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Ontario Tuition Grant

Ontario Tuition Grant (OTG) 2016-17

(30% off Ontario Tuition - $435/semester or up to $870 for 2 semesters)

You could be eligible for 30% off your student tuition if:

  • You’re a  full-time student at a public college or university in Ontario
  • It’s been less than four years since you left high school (less than 6 years if you have a permanent disability)
  • You’re in a program that you can apply to directly from high school
  • You’re a resident of Ontario
  • Your parent(s)’ gross income is $160,000 or less

Applying for OSAP…

You’ll automatically be considered for the OTG when you apply for OSAP.


If you are not applying for OSAP…

You’ll need some information before you get started:

  • Your Social Insurance Number
  • Your parent(s)’ Social Insurance Number(s)
  • Line 150 of your parent(s)’ 2015 tax return(s)

Then you’ll need to:

  1. Go to and click Apply.
  2. Register for an OSAP Access Number.
  3. Fill out and submit the online grant application.
  4. Print the declaration and signature pages that  your parent(s) need to sign.
  5. Submit the signature page(s) along with any required documentation to the Financial Aid office.
  6.  If eligible you’ll receive payment either by direct deposit or cheque after your enrollment is confirmed and you have started school.


For more information on the OTG, including FAQs, please visit or call the toll-free hotline at 1-888-449-4478