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Wesley Grace (Power Engineering)

photo Wesley Grace - Program Coordinator
Program Coordinator
(807) 475-6247

My Insight & Words of Advice Regarding This Program

If you are a person that thrives on a mix of technical knowledge and practical ability, then Power Engineering could be your niche. 

My Insight & Words of Advice Regarding Career Opportunities in Power Engineering

Within the Power Engineering profession, there are no two processes that are the same. We are an integral part of so many industries and facilities and technologies that there is almost no limit how much one can learn. The more you choose to learn, the more opportunities can open up to you. 

Why/How I Became a Teacher

One of the most fulfilling aspects of my career as a Power Engineer has been in offering the benefit of my knowledge and experience with others. In return, I have been rewarded with their insight and fresh thinking. It occurred to me one day that in a sense I had been a teacher all these years and a student at the same time. When the opportunity came up at Confederation, I was drawn to it. I look back from time-to-time and think that my true payment for all the years of study and hard work has been realized in the classroom and in the lab through the learning relationships I have with my students.

What I Like Most About Teaching

Teaching is just…awesome! There are so many positives, it is difficult to describe here. I would have to say that the highlight of teaching for any faculty member, me included, is that rush of emotion that comes with watching a student walk the stage at graduation and shaking their hand for possibly the last time.

My Educational Background & Qualifications

I am a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Technician Program here at Confederation. I hold an Interprovincial Second Class Operating (Power)Engineer Certificate of Qualification.

My Relevant Experience in the Field

My experience as a Power Engineer has come by way of pulp and paper, wood products manufacturing and preservation, water treatment, building heating systems, industrial fire prevention and protection and several years as a health and safety committee co-chair.

My Hobbies & Interests

I have done a lot of different things through the years. I was an avid hunter for many years, took years of lessons in music and martial arts and many other things. I’ve always liked to try new things. And my main focus has always been on my family.