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Troy Mangatal

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How/Why I Become a Teacher:

Opportunity and timing. Completed my MBA, trained people in computing and programming, and trained youth in sport. I thought in my spare time I should take my strengths from all three and help build the industry from the ground up. The new Computer Programmer program offering at Confederation College launched at the right time for me, at the end of a large project, when I was looking to take on a new challenge.

My Educational Background & Qualifications:

Lakehead University Master of Business Administration (MBA)
University of New Brunswick - Certificate in Software Development, Computer Software Engineering
Queen’s University - Bachelor of Arts (BA)
Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute, License 1413976
Information Technology Infrastructure Library Foundation (ITIL Foundation)
Microsoft MCPS, Microsoft, License E814-5527
Microsoft MTA, Microsoft, License E814-5526

Relevant Experience in the Field:

Employed full-time as the Coordinator and Professor, Computer Programmer program - Confederation College, since inception.

Employed full-time since 1994, working both in public and private industry, contributing to and leading multi-million dollar software and technology solutions.

My Hobbies & Other Interests

Snowboarding, Ultimate Frisbee, golfing and cooking

My insight and words of advice regarding this program

Start early and always be suspicious about what can go wrong. Simplify the problem. When you fail, fail loudly! Never write a few lines of code and assume it will work. Always test your code!!

My insight and words of advice regarding career opportunities in this field of study

Programming languages and hardware do not exist yet for what you will be programming 10 years from now. If you are going direct to consumer, design for mobile first. Otherwise, program the gap.
Line-of-Business software (not sold in boxes, available in app stores) are boring one-off applications in corporations that solve business problems. Be someone who codes to create business value by adding revenue, or by reducing costs. Do this by effectively applying available solutions, and programming the gap when one doesn’t exist.