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Tanya Belisle

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Technologist - Civil Engineering

My insight, or words of advice regarding this program?

My top tips on how to succeed in the Civil Engineering program:

  1. Most importantly - go to class and do your assignments.
  2. If you are having any difficulties, just ask any one of us for help!
  3. Make new friendships with your classmates. 
  4. Join Campus REC - it doesn’t ALL have to be work! 

My insight, or words of advice regarding career opportunities in this field of study?

The best thing, I think, about the opportunities that are available to our graduates is that there is such a huge span of career choices available. You will always have an opportunity to be challenged and expand your knowledge and skillset.

What I Like Most About Teaching?

The thing I enjoy most about working with the students is witnessing their personal growth. In the three years they are with us, they mature significantly and gain a level of confidence that is so amazing to watch. I feel so proud of them when they walk across the stage to get their well earned diploma … (and a little sad to see them go).