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Kristina Baraskewich

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My insight and words of advice regarding career opportunities in this field of study

Thunder Bay and northwestern Ontario are rich with opportunity. You don’t have to move away to get a great education or to get a great job in business, advertising or marketing, northwestern Ontario is very unique and even the way we do business and conduct marketing and media relations are different from how it’s done in other parts of the country.

How/Why I Become a Teacher

A student recently said to me, “You make being a teacher look fun.” I smiled. I do love being a teacher. 
The idea of being paid to think, write about my industry experience and the opportunity to teach subjects about which I feel passionate does it for me. 

Perhaps my favorite aspect of being a teacher is my relationship with students and former students. I enjoy nurturing an intellectual spirit in students and watching them take hold of that spirit and grow with it. I especially like to help students with writing and generating industry ideas. These relationships keep my own ideas fresh and maintain a connection for me with the many changes taking place in higher education that are generational. I am also inspired by the work that young people are doing and their energy makes me hopeful for the future of the professoriate.

Yes, there are tough situations that faculty members face—long hours, intense productivity pressures, and some would say lower salaries, but overall, at least from my perspective, being a faculty member is one of the best jobs around. Working with young people who often see the world for all its possibilities is something I treasure. And the autonomy to pursue ideas, rather than merely implement the ideas of others is something I would not trade. 

What I Like Most About Teaching

One of the greatest things is giving students information that’s relevant to what they need to know once they hit the workforce. I run into students after they graduate and they tell me that something I taught them from our textbook, or something I said in class, helped them succeed at their job. Knowing that what you’re teaching students will impact them for years after graduation is very satisfying.

My Educational Background & Qualifications

  • Over 10 years experience in the marketing industry.

Current Courses Taught:

  • MK 114 Marketing Essentials
  • MK 261 Professional Development
  • MK 263 Marketing II
  • MK 262 Professional Selling
  • MK 409 Strategic Marketing Management
  • MK 420 Market Research
  • MK 460 International Marketing
  • MK 504 Retail Management
  • MK 505 Event Planning & Sports Marketing