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Anita Broere

Anita Broere
Program Coordinator
(807) 475-6289

How I Become a Teacher:

I became an Early Childhood Educator because I believe that every child needs a champion. Every child needs someone who believes in them no matter what they do. From the moment children are born, they depend on caring adults, besides their parents, to nurture and protect them. Each of us can play a part in making a difference in the life of a child directly or indirectly. The old African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child” reminds me of the important work we can do as early childhood educators.

I started teaching in the ECE program as a way to give back to the College and to inspire students in committing themselves to this very important work.

My Educational Background & Qualifications:

Early Childhood Education diploma, Confederation College
A.E.C.E.O Certification
Registered with College of Early Childhood Education

Awards & Recognition:

President’s Medal Confederation College (Highest Academic Standing)
Early Childhood Educator Award, 1995 (For Commitment and Dedication to Early Childhood Education and Young Children)

My Relevant Experience in the Field:

30 years experience working in the field of early childhood education.
Employed in a variety of roles from front-line staff to supervisor, consultant, researcher and professor.

My Hobbies & Other Interests:

Reading and being outdoors in nature!

Insight, or words of advice regarding this program?:

Early childhood educators are gaining the public’s respect and recognition for the important work they do. People who enter the early childhood workforce find both rewarding challenges and immense gratification as they nurture the healthy development of children and families. It demands knowledge, skill, sensitivity, creativity and hard work. If these challenges excite you, you have probably chosen the right field of study! While your most important task as an early childhood educator is working with children, you will also interact with families, colleagues and community agencies. Early childhood education is especially rewarding for those who enjoy planning learning experiences daily for young children. The Early Childhood Education program at Confederation College will provide you with the knowledge and skills needed to work effectively with young children. To be successful in our program you will need to work hard in your college classes. There will be books to read, papers to write, group projects to create, programs to spend time in, children to teach and exams to study for. Good teachers are lifelong learners because it is their inclination and because it is essential that they do so. If you aspire to be a good teacher, you will continue to learn about children and teaching for your whole career. We hope you will find that work in early childhood education will be your calling - a way you can experience personal fulfilment as you serve young children and their families.

What insight, or words of advice would you have regarding career opportunities in this field of study?:

Early childhood educators can choose to work in a variety of settings and with children from birth to the age of 12. Early childhood programs include: child care centres, nursery schools and preschools, early childhood intervention, kindergarten, family literacy, Aboriginal Head Start and family resource centres.

Early childhood educators are in high demand across Canada and employment opportunities are plentiful.