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Abin Das

photo - Abin Das
Program Coordinator - Engineering Business and Safety Management, Professor of Mathematics and Physics
(807) 475-6156

My insight and words of advice regarding this program

The Engineering Business and Safety Management (EBSM) program at Confederation College has been very aptly designed to direct international students into workforce by providing them Canadian work experience through work placement or work integrated learning cohort. This experience not only provides them with professional skills and expertise but also opens a broader platform of opportunities to step into the Canadian job market. 

How/Why I Become a Teacher

Sharing knowledge is certainly a key factor for me in becoming a teacher however, I personally think that my ability to teach in a comprehensible fashion is what has drawn me to this profession. 

My Educational Background & Qualifications

  • PhD in Radio-isotope geochemistry, University of Toronto
  • MSc in Planetary Science and Meteoritics, University of Toronto
  • MSc in Geophysics, Indian Institute of Technology
  • BSc Geology (Honors) with Mathematics and Physics, University of Calcutta, India