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Ministry Of Energy Reporting (FS)

Energy Reporting

Green Energy Act (Ontario Regulation 397/11)

The Green Energy Act was introduced into Ontario legislature in 2009 to encourage energy conservation, renewable energy production, and to promote a green economy. This Act, regulation 397, requires all public agencies, including hospitals, to report their annual energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of designated operations to the Ministry of Energy each year, starting July 1, 2013.

Beginning July 1, 2014, and each year thereafter, each organization will also be required to submit an energy conservation and demand management plan outlining how the organization will reduce energy consumption. In addition to reporting these items to the Ministry, each must be posted on the organizations Internet as well as be made available in hard copy at the head office.

 Confederation Energy Reports 


Confederation College Facilities & Energy Solutions Service Provider

This is a partnership that began over 12 years ago and after 2 phases of projects, has resulted in over 4 million dollars of energy savings. This reduction of energy use has also reduced our greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 45 thousand metric tons. 

Our current Biomass project (Phase 3 Renewable Energy Solutions) promises the same long term results as well as providing for some new learning and research space for students. 

Supporting Information:

Phase 1 Thunder Bay (2002):

  • Fuel conversion from electricity to natural gas
  • Lighting retrofits (T12 to T8)
  • Building envelop sealing
  • Energy efficient mechanical equipment
  • Building automation upgrades
  • Guaranteed annual savings of almost $300,000.00
  • Continued savings of over 4 million dollars in energy cost since 2003
  • Since the loan was paid off in March of 2011, the annual savings continue and are worth approximately $500,000.00 per year to the College.
  • Approximately 4400 Metric Tons of reduced greenhouse gas emissions annually since 2002

Phase 2 Kenora (2005):

  • Building control automation upgrades
  • Continued savings of over 22 thousand dollars in energy cost since 2006

Phase 3 Integrated Renewable Energy Solutions (2008):

  • Fuel conversion from Electricity to Biomass
  • Fuel conversion from Electricity to Natural gas
  • Building automation upgrades
  • Plumbing upgrades
  • Occupancy sensors
  • Guaranteed annual savings of almost $300,000.00
  • Another reduction of approximately 3000 Metric Tons of greenhouse gas emissions (annually)
  • Although the biomass boilers have yet to be commissioned, the conversion to hot water perimeter heating is complete and saving are being seen in using lower priced natural gas to heat with instead of high-priced electricity.
  • Final commissioning, adjustments and verification of all the energy saving measures will be completed this fall (2014) and it is expected that the guaranteed savings will begin to be in effect sometime in the last quarter of this fiscal year.

Future Projects:

Recently, Facilities Services has taken advantage of SaveOn Energy incentives to convert some existing lighting fixtures to LED technology in the Shuniah Building (Board Room, Lecture Theatre, Donor Wall, etc.)

These incentives continue to be available and preliminary discussions are currently underway with our Energy Solutions Partner to upgrade and/or replace our exterior lighting fixtures (parking lots and walkways).