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E-Business Voucher Program

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Welcome to the home of the Voucher for E-Business and Technology Adoption program at Confederation College.  In partnership with Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), the College is inviting local enterprises to create new E-Business opportunities with our professors and students.  Successful candidates will work alongside a team of students and professors to generate a proof of concept or functional prototype and/or a strategy document outlining design and development strategies for promoting and selling products and services online.

“The E-Voucher Program provided a chance to explore and envision the potential Pike Lake Forge could have online.”

- Carol Kajorinne, Pike Lake Forge


This year we are also looking for clients interested in projects involving emerging technologies such as projection mapping, 3D printing, laser cutting, physical computing, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Client Benefits

  • fresh perspective, new skills and ideas
  • access to motivated and skilled young talent
  • preliminary consulting, design & development work

Students Benefits

  • hands-on experience developing project plans and solutions
  • guidance from academic and industry experts to solve real-world e-business problems
  • in-course client engagement

Terms of Reference


The successful applicants will offer weekly meetings with the students over 13 weeks, which we will value as a $2,500-dollar in-kind contribution of your time to the project.  These consultations will help to clarify the roadmap to success for an online and/or interactive media solution that is dedicated to increasing sales and exposure of existing and future products and services


Dependent on individual company needs, the client companies will each receive a functional prototype and/or a user experience design strategy document including the end-user research, interactive planning, graphical and technical requirements for bringing an e-business strategy to market.  Topics covered may include, but are not limited to, user personas, experience mapping, system analysis, data design, wireframes and graphic interface designs, website or mobile development, budgets, installation strategies, hosting solution strategy and e-commerce integration. Rough drafts and prototypes are for planning and early design and development purposes and may or may not be used commercially depending on the educational licensing of the software used for production at Confederation College.


Upon the successful completion of the program, the College - in partnership with local e-business venders - will celebrate the new business opportunities at an event held at Confederation College in early April, 2018.  The plans will be presented to a panel of professors, government agencies, students and vendors so that stakeholders throughout the region can be made aware of the new opportunity.  At a meet and greet event after the presentations, government agents and vendors will be encouraged to meet with the program clients and students to help them explore how to implement the strategies, fund them and obtain the human resources (our students) to bring these projects to market.

We are currently accepting applications, please submit yours by January 26, 2018 to be considered for the project!

“The experience with the E-Business Voucher Program was a tremendous opportunity to receive feedback on our current website and well-thought-out suggestions for improvement that could be incorporated immediately. The students demonstrated a good understanding of our business and designed a product that would catch the attention of parents looking for our product, an Independent School for their son or daughter. We wish to extend a big thanks to the students and staff for taking the time to help us out.”
- Michael Heaton, Quetico College School

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For additional inquiries, please contact: 
Colin Kelly

Director - Applied Research - Confederation College