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FAQ's (Distance Education)

1. Ways to Get Credit for Previous Education

2. Where do I find a booklist for my course(s)?
Visit the Textbook Ordering section of the website for textbook information.

3. How do I find out my username and password to log in to my College Network Account? 

4.  What do I do if I have forgotten my Username and PASSWORD, or if I’m having trouble logging in? 

5.  How do I find out what my email address is? 

6.  What do I do if my student account does not work? 

7.  How do I check my College email? 

8.  How do I access my transcript?

9.  How do I get a hard copy of my transcript?

10. How do I get my credential?
       If you are a full-time student.
       If you are a part-time student.

11. How to I access my T2202A tax certificate?
       Your tax information is located under your Banner Student Information.