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Indigenous Education (CPRIL)



Negahneewin is an Ojibwe word meaning “Leading the way”. Over the past several decades, Confederation College has experienced a steady incline in the enrollment of Indigenous learners, making it necessary to accommodate the diverse needs of the population. Negahneewin has played a fundamental role in directing Confederation College in this strategic endeavor. CPRIL will continue to partner with Negahneewin in their efforts to advance and support Indigenous education at Confederation College.

 Negahneewin offers academic programs specializing in Indigenous content. These programs are open to all students of Confederation College.

Negahneewin Council

Negahneewin Council is comprised of representatives from various Indigenous organizations within our community and region. They provide strategic direction on issues that pertain to the advancement of Indigenous education at Confederation College.

Negahneewin Education Circle

The Negahneewin Education Circle (NEC) is a cross-college committee comprised of faculty, support and administrative staff who, along with Indigenous educators, address priorities as outlined in the Negahneewin Council 10 Year Vision. The purpose of the NEC is to lead an internal dialogue on the operational priorities of Indigenous education and training across Confederation College.

Indigenous Learning Outcomes

The introduction of Indigenous Learning Outcomes (ILO) across all programs, including certificates and diplomas at Confederation College, has been in place for a number of years. In the course of this evolving process the influence of Indigenous Studies and Indigenous Knowledges has been demonstrated across the institution in various ways.  The Indigenous Learning Outcomes are featured as a best practice in the collaborative project Best Practices in Aboriginal Learning among Ontario’s Northern Colleges.


The word Apiwin is from the Ojibwe language meaning ‘a place to sit’. The concept of having a distinct area for students is rooted in Indigenous community values and traditions. For centuries, it has been a customary practice to gather together in common places to celebrate life through storytelling, gift exchange, and the sharing of food. It is in these practices that cultural identity is strengthened, and a sense of unity and belonging is cultivated. Students can also access a variety of support and academic services in Apiwin.

Oshki Anishnawbeg Student Association (OASA)

OASA is operated by students of Confederation and Negahneewin College. OASA is directly affiliated with, and accountable to, Confederation and Negahneewin College as well as the Student Union at Confederation College (SUCCI).