Convocation is your day. About the work you have put in. The time you have spent. And the dedication you have made to your future career.

Our goal is to make this day perfect for you as you celebrate your accomplishments with friends, family, classmates and the entire Confederation College community. To help you prepare for your BIG day, this site has everything you will need to know in order to make your convocation experience truly memorable.

Convocation Dates 
  • June 7th - Thunder Bay Campus
  • June 18th - Dryden Campus
  • June 10th - Rainy River District (Fort Frances) Campus
  • June 19th - Red Lake Campus
  • June 11th - Lake of the Woods (Kenora) Campus
  • June 20th - Sioux Lookout Campus
  •   June 13th - Northshore (Marathon) Campus                               


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