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WHAT'S NEW in Part-Time Studies

Just For Fun Courses: Registration is now open!

ZA528 Basics of Oil Painting - 2 day workshop

Snow covered trees oil painting by Stephen KrasemannThis hands-on oil painting course with National Geographic Illustrator and local artist, Stephen J. Krasemann, is open to both beginners and intermediate artists.  Landscapes will be the focus and you should leave with two finished paintings.  Demonstrations will include use of oil painting materials, paint mixing and basic composition. Visit Stephen’s website at to view his painting technique.  Materials are included and will be supplied by instructor at start of class.  Register early as a minimum number of students are required.

Sa/Su May 12 & 13 9am-4pm  -  $122.49

AR012 Oil Painting - Intermediate          

Oil Painting by Stephen Krasemann moon over waterImagine being part of a community that began with cave painting and continues today, where the paints and brushes have remained the same over the centuries. This course, with renowned artist Stephen J. Krasemann, will rely on demonstrations, hands-on painting and individualized attention, and will emphasize both   fundamental and specialized techniques. Landscape compositions and their elements will be the focus. Visit Stephen’s website at for inspiration and to view his painting technique. Students should have taken Basics of Oil Painting or have knowledge of oil painting techniques prior to registering. Materials required, a list will be emailed to students upon registration.

Tu May 15-July 31 6:30-9:30pm  - $403.75

ZC028 Culinary Creations - Series 1 -  2 night workshop

May 29th, Pot Luck Meals: Stuck on what to make for your next potluck event? Chef Kathleen will help you out with some easy, delicious, and crowd pleasing favourite pot luck meals including, sweet and sour meatballs, spinach dip with baked pitas, and fudge brownies.

May 31, Simple Soups and Stews: Fast and fresh, a comforting soup and hearty stew can be made in less than 40 minutes.  Minestrone soup, all the flavour of a traditional Italian soup without the usual hours invested, and a quick, healthy and hearty, classic beef stew.

Attend both nights:

Tu/Th May 29 & 31 6:30-9:30pm  - $89.50

May 29 only: (registration after April 30 based on availability)

Tu May 29 6:30-9:30pm  - $47.46

May 31 only: (registration after April 30 based on availability)

Th May 31 6:30-9:30pm  - $47.46

ZC028 Culinary Creations - Series 2 - 2 night workshop

June 5th, Easy summer dinners: Beat the heat and the clock with these speedy and delicious summer dinners that include chili and lime fish tacos with peach salsa, and a grilled pizza with hand pressed pizza dough, caramelized onions, bacon, and chicken.

June 7th, Summer Salads: Dig into a crisp, cool salad for a perfect summer meal, start with a fresh broccoli salad with cheddar cheese, dried cranberries, bacon and sunflower seeds, or maybe a delicious spinach and strawberry salad with a poppy seed, balsamic vinaigrette or how about a Kale Caesar salad with freshly, oven baked croutons and homemade Caesar dressing.

Attend both nights: (registration opens Feb.16)

Tu/Th June 5 & 7 6:30-9:30pm - $89.50

June 5 only: (registration after May 7 based on availability)

Tu June 5 6:30-9:30pm - $47.46

June 7 only: (registration after May 7 based on availability)

Th June 7 6:30-9:30pm - $47.46

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Class sizes are limited and will fill quickly. Registration deadline is two weeks prior to camp start. Register early!


Summer Camp Choices for Youth in Grades 6-12:

ZA016 Rooted in Nature Adventure Week  - 5-day Camp 
(formerly Natural Resources Discovery)

Career Samplers participant holds a crayfish found in the McIntyre RiverIf exploring the outdoors and having an interest in natural sciences sounds like you, then come and take a step outside with Abe Zetteck of Boreal Woodcraft and Nor’Wester Maple Company to learn what a career in Resource Management has to offer!  The week will be spent learning about plant identification, insects and animals, types of soil, waterways, and how they all interact within an ecosystem.  The use of map, compass, and GPS will be covered as an introduction to safe travel in wilderness areas. Much of the learning will happen through engaging with the outdoors, so dress for the weather and be prepared for an adventure! Come explore the wilderness beneath our feet. Early birds register before June  11 and pay $150 plus HST. Register after June 11 pay $170 plus HST per participant per camp.  We are proud supporters of P.R.O. Kids. M-F, July 9-13, 9am-4pm         

ZA036 Beat the Heat Photo Week - 4-day Camp

Career Samplers participant taking picture of yellow flowersDo you love taking photos with your phone and/or digital camera but can’t figure out how to capture anything more than simple snapshots? Want to go from random snapper to top-end photographer? Smartphone photography, mobile photography or whatever you want to call it, it’s clear that taking great pictures with a phone has become a thing now. With the right knowledge and the right techniques you can use your phone to take photos that are so great that nobody would believe they were taken with a phone! Add some photo apps and software to the mix,  and you’ve got a great recipe for some creative photography no matter what device you use. Cellphone and digital camera are required. Tripod recommended. Participants are encouraged to dress for the weather. Early birds register before June 28 and pay $125 plus HST. Register after June  28 pay $145 plus HST per participant per camp.  We are proud supporters of P.R.O. Kids. Tu-F,  Aug.7-Aug. 10,  9am-4pm B. Wojciechowski          

ZA772 Launch Your Culinary Journey - 2-day Camp

Career Sampler participant chopping vegetablesBring your appetite and your sense of adventure to this two-day camp with Chef Kathleen!  We will start off with copy-cat restaurant favorites. Anything they can do, you can do better! Make your favourite restaurant foods at home.  Let’s start with Little Caesars’ crazy bread, always a favourite and then the Olive Garden’s popular chicken alfredo. Top this meal off with the Cheesecake Factory’s red velvet cheesecake.  Eating out at home, something the whole family can enjoy! Next we will explore healthy comfort foods to impress the family. You can have your comfort food and eat it too with these healthy comfort food recipes. Homemade cheddar bay biscuits, so light and fluffy, and hearty chicken stew (which can be made vegetarian).  Then, we’ll end this meal with classic Canadian butter tarts. MMMMM, SO GOOD! Early birds register before July 3 and pay $110 plus HST Register after July 3 and pay $120 plus HST  per participant. We are proud supporters of P.R.O. Kids. Th & F,  Aug. 9&10, 9am-4pm

Part-time Online Programs: 

Certified Financial Planner

Children’s Mental Health

Condominium Management

Construction Estimator

Foot Care Nurse

Indigenous Governance and Public Administration

Management Studies

Mobile Application Development

Palliative Care

Qualified Administrative Assistant

Retirement and Long Term Care

RPN Oncology

Sustainable Food

Volunteer Management

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