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WHAT'S NEW in Part-Time Studies (CE)

ZA016 Rooted in Nature Adventure Week - July 8-12, 9am-4pm 

(formerly Natural Resources Discovery Camp) for youth grades 6-12

President Madder talking about bugs

If exploring the outdoors and having an interest in natural sciences sounds like you, then come and take a step outside with Abe of Boreal Woodcraft and Nor’Wester Maple Company to learn what a career in Resource Management has to offer!  The week will be spent learning about plant identification, insects and animals, types of soil, waterways, and how they all interact within an ecosystem.  We will be teaming up with Eco Superior and Let’s Talk Science again this year to learn more about invasive species and other cool things. Abe will also share his knowledge of tapping maple trees and with his help you will make maple sugar to take home! Much of the learning will happen through engaging with the outdoors, so dress for the weather and be prepared for an adventure! Come explore the wilderness beneath our feet.


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