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Financial & Business Reports (College Services)

This area houses the major reports of Confederation College of greatest interest to our external stakeholders.

Strategic Mandate Agreement (SMA) (previously Multi-Year Accountability Plan)

How our college plans to use its operating budget to develop and strengthen its unique mission and objectives, while contributing to the achievement of the Reaching Higher goals and results for access, quality and accountability, as identified by the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities.

Requests for copies of the current College’s Strategic Mandate Agreement may be made through College Services.

External Reports:

College Planning Committee

Campus Master Plan


College Finances

The overall picture of Confederation College encompasses the campus, the programs, staff and students through our Business Plan, Financial Statements and Annual Reports. Following are downloadable documents that provide an overall picture of the operations and finances of Confederation College.

Annual Financial Reports

Business Plan

Audited Financial Statements

If you have any questions, or require additional information regarding college finances, please direct them to:

Ken Adams
Vice President, College Services
Phone: (807) 475-6173