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Web Development (part-time studies/online)


You will learn some of the most important topics of HTML, from the basics of creating web pages with graphics and links and using tables, to more advanced topics including cascading style sheets and more. Upon successful completion of this certificate program, you will have had the opportunity to create and publish a website that is dynamic, visually appealing, accessible, useable and flexible.

You will have five years to complete this program. Textbooks may be required for the courses in this program please visit the Textbook/Materials - Online Learning (CE) page for more information and to access the booklist.

Employment Opportunities

This program prepares graduates for employment in an expansive array of contemporary computer-managed occupational and career environments. The rapid growth of the Internet has created a huge demand for computer professionals who know how to establish and maintain a website by utilizing the latest program software. As a graduate of this program, you will apply your newly acquired knowledge and skills to create, design, and maintain websites for commercial, industrial, educational, and retail employers.

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