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CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® Certification Education Program (part-time studies/online)


The Certified Financial Planner® (CFP) program is designed to help financial planners achieve their goals. Financial planners learn the fundamentals of building a comprehensive financial plan and are recognized as dedicated professionals with the know-how to assist clients while adhering to high ethical standards.

The CIFP CFP Certification Program is comprised of four core curriculum courses (Offered via OnlineLearning through Confederation College as noted below. Students will be provided an account number and password at the start of the course which will be used to register online with CIFP at Students will register with CIFP to purchase and gain access to the textbook and all other resource materials) and a final four hour comprehensive exam.  Once students have completed their CIFP CFP Core Curriculum Program, they are then eligible to move onto the Level I CFP Examination. Upon successful completion of the Level I CFP Examination, students will then be required to obtain one year of qualified work experience as well as complete a Capstone course. Once that has been completed students will then be eligible to sit for the final CFP Examination. Upon completion, two more years of work experience will be required to obtain the CFP Designation from Financial Planning Standards Council.

Upon completion of the four CIFP CFP Core Curriculum courses, students should contact CIFP at 1-866-635-5526 to register for the Program Review and Evaluation Examination. CIFP final exams are written at testing centres in Mississauga, Toronto and Oshawa as well as many other major cities across Canada.

For further information about the Certified Financial Planner® designation, please contact Financial Planning Standards Council at

For further information about the Capstone course, please contact the Canadian Institute of Financial Planners (CIFP) at

Core Curriculum Courses offered via OnlineLearning through Confederation College: (to be taken in order noted below)

1. OL927 Retirement Planning
2. OL035 Risk Management and Estate Planning
3. OL051 Strategic Investment Planning
4. OL979 Income Tax Planning

5. CIFP Program Review and Evaluation Exam (taken directly from CIFP)

This program is run in partnership with the Canadian Institute for Financial Planning (CIFP) and upon completion of these OntarioLearn courses, students are required to participate in an on-line program review with CIFP, as well as write an in-class CIFP exam. In order to be eligible to write the FPSC Level 1 examination, students will have to provide an official transcript to FPSC from CIFP.

You must complete all courses within 5 years of acceptance into the program. However, you will have the flexibility to set own schedule and may be able to complete the program sooner. Textbooks may be required for the courses in this program please visit the Textbook/Materials - Online Learning (CE) page for more information and to access the booklist.

Complete the Application for Admission to a Part-time Online Program.

Upon completion of required courses, submit Request to Graduate form.           


Employment Opportunities

Financial planners are in demand now and will be even more in the future. CFP’s may work for finance and insurance companies, including securities and commodity brokers, banks, insurance carriers and financial investment firms, or may be self-employed.

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