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Surveying, an Introduction

Learn basic surveying principles. Topics will deal with theory, application and care of the level, chain and total station. Theory is enhanced with practical exercises. Note: The student requires a preceptor for equipment use and set-up. Preceptors are typically from an engineering, surveying, or construction firm. About 24 hours of lab work is required.

This is a theory and practical course. The theory that is in the course will be practiced. There is equipment that is used in surveying that the student must have practice using. In order to practice the theory, the student will need to find a professional surveyor or engineer (preceptor) to execute the practical component. The professional will then follow a booklet that the student will print out and follow the exercise in that book and evaluate the student for the practical component. The professional will be contacted by the instructor once s/he has been identified. The course instructor can also assist the student with finding the professional. The course instructor will facilitate the course and mark all assignments and the mid-term and final exam. The grade submitted by the professional will also be used to make up the final grade.