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The following topics will be discussed: Introduction to Statistics; Introduction to Minitab; Visual Description of Univariate Data: Statistical Description of Univariate Data; Visual Description of Bivariate Data; Statistical Description of Bivariate Data: Regression and Correlation; Probability Basic Concepts; Discrete Probability Distributions; Continuous Probability Distributions; Sampling Distributions; Confidence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing for one mean and one proportion, Chi-Square Analysis, Regression Analysis, and Statistical process Control.

Computer Software Requirements: Students will have the option of using Minitab, StatCrunch, or Excel to complete some of their assignments. There will be a fee for students wishing to use Minitab. There are some assingments in MyStatLab that all students have to complete. The MyStatLab should be purchased as a bundle with the text. StatCrunch comes with MyStatLab so all students will have access to this.