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Medical Transcription Fundamentals

This course will enhance the learning achieved in previous and prerequisite courses for medical transcription that students need to enter the field with confidence. Students will experience a practical and effective approach, with follow-up questions in each chapter to promote class discussion and exercises designed to reinforce concepts and procedures. Students will have a conceptual and practical understanding of general medical terms and various medical specialties in a way that is easy to remember. Detailed transcription tips throughout the course will offer useful information and hints and there is a CD ROM that includes 10 hours of actual dictation, sample reports and other data needed to prepare the documents discussed in the text. This course can be taken concurrently with OL401 Medical Transcription Styles and Practice

Due to specialized theory and skills, students can expect to spend a minimum of 10 hours/week in this course.

Prerequisites: OL352 Writing Grammatically, OL402 Medical Terminology and OL452 Medical Keyboarding