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Farm-Table Local Food Bus Coop

This course will be an exploration of the plethora of local food businesses and infrastructure emerging across Canada. These businesses include innovative models such as co-operatives, eco-friendly distributors (ex. food-box drop offs by bicycle), non-profit partnerships and Community Supported Agriculture. There will be a brief history of how global food system consolidation led to the drive for alternatives. And we will also look at how grocery stores, restaurants, processors and abbatoirs - more traditional parts of the food system - are incorporating local food options. Throughout the course mdules, you will be invited to discuss, debate and investigate regional examples, the contexts they work within and the models and best practices that influence these local business. Not only that, but you will complete creative and useful assignments that allow you to understand the what's, why's and how-to's of food businesses in your region. From field to factory to storage room to fork, this course will trace what is necessary to create a strong, vibrant (and profitable, and socially just!) local food system.